A Heartbroken Farewell to Carrie Fisher, the Very Best Princess

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Dear Carrie Fisher,

My heart dropped like a rock into my stomach when I heard news of your heart attack on a plane a few days ago. I prayed you would pull through, that the heroic efforts to save your life would not be in vain.

Minutes ago I heard the news, and my heart just broke. You lingered just four days, and now you are gone. Your star shone impossibly bright, from your Hollywood birth to, ironically, a movie named Star Wars that made you a household name. And it did so much more than that, Carrie. Well, YOU did, with your performance as Princess Leia.

I’ll never forget seeing you on the big screen in Return of the Jedi. I was six years old, and you mesmerized me. You gave my generation of girls a princess to look up to. And thankfully, the next generation does the same. My own daughter loves you as much as I do. Your portrayal of Princess Leia gave us a heroine to look up to—not a weak, timid princess whose value lay in her beauty, but a strong, sassy, capable princess who wouldn’t wait around to be saved. You showed us how to formulate a plan, reach out for help even though it seems beyond all possibility, and yes, to wield a blaster like a boss. You showed up how to stand up to the most ruthless of villains.

Your princess watched her whole family be blown away, and still, resolved to fight.

Your princess was not a trophy, she was a leader. A general.

Oh, Carrie. I know your life had a lot of ups and downs. Heartache, substance abuse, recovery, triumph, laughter, and recently, a renewed career. You certainly weren’t an angel but you were one hell of a princess. When I found out you’d be returning to the Star Wars franchise last year, I was THRILLED. Thrilled to see my princess again. An aging woman, still strong and leading her people. Still fighting for what is right.

Thank you for playing that role on screen, for giving us girls a heroine we could truly be proud of.

You were always the very best princess, Carrie. Independent, strong, and witty.

You and your character will be SO very missed.

And never forgotten.

If you’re mourning Carrie, too, check out this hilarious interview she did before The Force Awakens last year. A great example of what a CHARACTER she was! <3

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