Candace Cameron Bure Makes Bold Remarks About COVID Vaccines

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is not one to shy away from unpopular opinion. Whether she’s speaking on marriage, mental health, or her faith in Jesus Christ, counter-cultural beliefs are very on-brand for the former Fuller House star.

Last week, the 45-year-old ruffled some tail feathers on social media after posting a series of photos on social media that read, “I’m not anti-V,” followed by statements on what she identifies as instead.

The photos include captions like “I’m just pro-medical freedom, pro-informed consent, pro-immune system, pro-early intervention,” and more.


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Along with the series of photos, Candace wrote in the caption, “This. This is not about what I am against. This is what I am FOR. Read and understand the distinction. This mama is holding the line and standing up for freedom. This should not separate us. We can have different opinions and still respect and love one another. Be bigger than that!”

While several of the actress’ friends were quick to agree and praise her for the post, many fans were bothered.

One user questioned her saying, “but I don’t understand, we have always had mandatory vaccinations. I mean, didn’t you have to be vaccinated to start kindergarten?!?”

Another kindly asked her to stick to her day job: “I think highly of you as an actress and celebrity and trust your expertise in those areas . I think you should stick to that profession and let us bleeding healthcare stick to ours. Having an opinion for yourself is one thing, but using your platform to sway others for their health is another.”

Candace has spoken up about vaccine mandates in the past, most famously in 2015 when she commended her kids’ school for their policies saying, “Although my children are vaccinated, I’m glad I had the choice when it comes to school. I have many family and friends who choose not to vaccinate for different reasons…”

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