Carrie Underwood is Getting Mom Shamed for Posting This Photo at Her Son’s Soccer Game

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is having a beautiful second half to 2018. The Country Music legend announced in August that she and hockey-player husband, Mike Fisher, were finally pregnant with baby #2 after suffering three difficult miscarriages.

Since then, she’s released her sixth studio album, performed on several late night shows and music festivals, and prepared for her upcoming tour—scheduled for after the arrival of her second child in early 2019. Just this week, she reminded fans of her highly-anticipated role co-hosting the 2018 Country Music Awards on November 14th—a gig she’s clung to with pal, Brad Paisley for 11 years now.

She’s on top of the world right now, but in the wise words of one Taylor Swift, “people throw rocks at things that shine.”

Carrie Underwood sure got the brunt of that statement this weekend when she was mom shamed after posting a photo of herself at her son Isaiah’s soccer game.

“Officially a soccer mom this morning!” the 35-year-old wrote on Instagram with a selfie. “It’s chilly out but I’m staying warm rocking some @caliabycarrie …the kids played a good game! Isaiah scored two goals for his team…and one for the other team. Hey, a goal’s a goal!”

It didn’t take long for obnoxious online trolls to call her out for wearing too much makeup for the occasion.

“Show up like most other soccer mom’s [sic], messy hair don’t care, no makeup and a coffee mug in hand,” one posted. “Can I get the same makeup artist for my son’s Saturday morning t-ball games?” another one asked.

Some then questioned why Carrie snapped a selfie instead of a shot of her son, to which I have SO much to say.

First of all, give me a break. THIS is what you people are concerned with? There are cartoons on Netflix promoting abortion and masturbation, teenagers are bullying each other to death, and a New Jersey mom STOPPED A SCHOOL SHOOTING BEFORE IT BEGAN, but Y’all are worried that a celebrity wore too much makeup to her son’s soccer game?

Anyone who follows Carrie Underwood on Instagram knows she’s extremely private.

She basically posts things to promote her music, her friend’s music, or her activewear line, Calia by Carie. Seldom does she post photos with her husband, and even more rare is a photo of her son. The ones she has posted of Isaiah are either of the back of his head or have his face covered.

Because even the biggest celebrities on earth are entitled to some privacy.

As a seasoned soccer mom whose watched many-a-games from the sidelines, I only WISH I could look like Carrie on a Saturday morning. Not to mention the confidence it probably took to post this photo, as just months ago, Carrie was still covering her face from her accident.

Since she had over 49 stitches in her face and plastic surgery to fix her smile, any person with a heart could see that it’s taken her a while to figure out her new face. Her smile looks different, and when you’re in the public eye, I can only imagine how hard it would be to rebuild your confidence when you don’t recognize the person smiling back at you.

All of that aside, can we just talk about the root of what we’re dealing with here? Why is it that as a community of moms we have to tear each other down instead of building each other up? Carrie’s soccer mom glam is gorgeous. Can’t we just leave it at that? Why criticize another mom because they do things differently than you?

So what that you roll up to the sidelines on a soccer morning wearing decade-old sweatpants and a messy bun? Who cares that she put in the effort to feel pretty at her son’s game? Isn’t that what we all want? To feel pretty? Why does it matter where she looks and feels pretty?

Many moms were quick to jump to Carrie’s defense.

“It makes me sick to hear all these negative comments about Carrie wearing makeup to her sons game. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can no longer be a woman,” one commenter wrote. “Some women wear makeup everywhere they go and what a wrong with that? Just because some of you choose not to make the effort in your appearance doesn’t make it wrong for other people to want to look good. I always wear makeup. To each their own. People need to stop being so judgemental and live their own lives. This world has just gone crazy with all the hate and [if] people would spend as much time worrying about their own families and stop judging others they might live happier lives”

Another called out the trolls by name saying, “Where’s your picture? We’d like to judge your face now please!”

I commend Carrie’s confidence, and pray that our first instinct as mothers would not be to nitpick others out of insecurity, but to capture the moment and praise each other for doing what we all do best—being mothers.

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