‘We’re All We Have Left’ — Carson Daly on Sister’s Cross-Country Move That Saved His Life

Carson Daly

Today Show host Carson Daly has had a rough hand dealt his way in the last several years.

In September 2017, Daly’s beloved mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, died at 73 of a heart attack. Just five weeks later, her husband and Daly’s stepfather, Richard Caruso, died at 85 from bone cancer. He had been a beloved father to Daly and his sister growing up after their biological father, Jim Daly, died of bladder cancer in 1979.

In a matter of five weeks, Daly’s world was turned completely upside down.

Daly has shared openly with his Today Show co-hosts that it’s his faith in God and the support of family that has gotten him through the devastating losses. Much of that support was found in Daly’s older sister, Quinn, whom he thanked on air Wednesday for her selfless act that “literally saved [his] life.”

“I just want to say publicly to my sister a quick thank you,” Daly said before embracing his sister in a hug.

Quinn and her husband Joel moved with their two daughters from Palm Desert, California — where they had lived close to the siblings’ parents — to New York City so that the family could be together.

“It was a crippling time for our family,” Carson said. “After that devastating event, Quinn and I sort of looked at each other and went, ‘We’re all we have left.’ Like literally, you’re my only family left. Life is too short.”

With the cross-country move, the siblings are closer than ever, making family time a top priority.

“They live a block away from me,” Carson said. “Our kids go to school together and our family time is at the top of our priority list. And I want to thank you for making that move because it’s literally saved my life.”

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