Someone Asked Chrissy Teigen if She’s Pregnant and Her Response is GOLD

Chrissy Teigen

When it comes to keeping it real, no one does it better than Chrissy Teigen.

Whether she’s clapping back at yet another mom-shamer or being honest and vulnerable about postpartum depression, this girl doesn’t hold back. You can always count on Teigen to tell it like it is.

In a post on Saturday, the 33-year-old model shared a photo with husband, John Legend, from their family’s European vacation. In the picture, the two cheerfully have their hands in the air and huge smiles on their faces.


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But it didn’t take long before someone asked the wrong question in the comments, suggesting Teigen was pregnant.

“Baby bump?” asked the user, who has since changed their Instagram handle.

Teigen responded with a thoughtful comment and educated the user on how their question could be a major trigger for some people enduring infertility.

“I know you didn’t mean it to be rude, but think twice about asking this, there are people who have trouble conceiving and it hurts every time,” Teigen wrote. “I’m not pregnant but would be happy if I were. But I’m also happy not to be!” she continued, adding a heart emoji.

According to her Instagram story, Teigen and her soulful hubby were spoofing the TLC hit show “Four Weddings,” where brides compete to win a dream honeymoon.

So girlfriend was rocking a TOWEL in this picture.

“I’ve decided to DIY my own wedding dress,” Teigen joked in her Instagram story. “Because not only does it personalize the wedding, but also it’s super hard to find, like, towel wedding dresses so I’m making sure that I jazz it up.”

Teigen’s tactful response to the Instagram follower was met with praise from hundreds of fans who, like Teigen herself, have been on the painful end of that question.

Teigen has not been shy sharing about her and John Legend’s years of infertility struggles before finally getting pregnant with their daughter Luna, and now son, Miles.

Chrissy Teigen

And let’s get one thing straight here: celebrity or not, towel or not, under no circumstance, ever do you assume with words that someone is pregnant. This is body shaming 101 people.

“The only time it’s appropriate to ask a woman if she’s pregnant is if you’re actually in the middle of witnessing the baby being birthed,” wrote one of Teigen’s followers.

Others pointed out that a woman’s body can look different for a myriad of reasons. Some being medical, and others simply struggling to lose the baby weight, like one user who said she’s still asked when she’s due, months after giving birth.

Of course, leave it to Chrissy Teigen to offer some much-needed comfort  as she replied saying, “Yeah I’m already reminded of it every time I get out of the shower, I don’t need to hear it on the daily lol.”

Whether she’s sporting a hotel towel or rocking a gorgeous gown on the runway, Teigen looks stunning in anything she wears, and girlfriend knows how to keep it real.

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