Dax Shepard Reveals Why He and Kristen Bell Are So Open About Their Marriage

Dax Shepard

When it comes to celebrity relationships, no one is more candid than Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. Most recently, the duo has been a wide open book following Dax’s relapse with drug abuse after 16 years of sobriety.

In a new interview, Dax opened up about why he and Kristen have chosen to keep their marriage, parenting and family life so public, while others in their circles tend to do the opposite.

“We don’t want anyone to think we met and it’s been easy ’cause if that’s someone’s expectation of a relationship and certainly a marriage, it’s a bad expectation to have,” Dax told Willie Geist on Sunday Today. “So it’s interesting. We don’t feel like we have an option.”

The couple revealed early on during the pandemic, that like so many other couples who were quarantining, they were struggling with so much together-ness.

They told Katie Couric that they’re getting along well with the kids, and with the adults they’re friends with. Each other though? Not so much.

“This has been stressful for mom and dad,” Dax said, with Kristen adding, “We’ve been at each others’ throats real bad.”

But when the going gets tough, they’ve got each other. Following Dax’s relapse in 2020, Kristen was proud of her husband for seeking accountability, and said she’d continue to stand by him because he’s “very, very worth it.”

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