Jennifer Garner Nails End-of-Summer Mom Mood With Hilarious Pics

jennifer garner

I have loved actress Jennifer Garner since her Alias days (who’s with me in the Sydney Bristow fan club??) and her presence as a seemingly down-to-earth celebrity in a world of over-the-top Hollywooders just makes me love her more. Somehow you know that underneath those famous dimples of hers rests a truly generous soul. (And if you know differently, don’t tell me, ok? I like my illusions.)

Garner once again proved that “stars are just like us” this week when she posted a hilarious “end of summer” mom photo to her Instagram account. The 46-year-old mom of Violet 12, Seraphina, 9, and Sam, 6, was not holding back on her feelings about “back to school!” Check it out:

#backtoschool #iwillmissthembut… #godblessteachers . . . #peppermintmovie

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The left photo shows the Garner we all know and love on screen, full of laughs and ready with her summer bucket list. The right photo shows the actress all bloodied up with screen makeup on the set of her upcoming movie “Peppermint,” and also accurately displays the feelings of most moms at the end of the summer when we are all “Funned Out”! LOL!

Her hashtags “#backtoschool #iwillmissthembut #godblessteachers” just really say it all, don’t they?

Earlier in the summer, Garner took her kids with her at the dedication ceremony for her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

jennifer garner

In typical down-to-earth Garner style, she had a message for her children during her acceptance speech.

“For my children, when you walk over this star, I want you to remember first of all that I love you and that this is about hard work and good luck and not a whole lot else,” she said.

“You define me, not this wonderful spot on the pavement,” she added, before joking, “Also, for the record, don’t spend too much time on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Ha! Well, with two mega-stars like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for parents, who knows if these kiddos will be able to avoid Hollywood Boulevard or not…but with a mom who truly seems grounded in reality, I think they are going to do just fine as they head back to school and later in life as well.

What do you think of Garner’s funny Instagram pic? Are you over the back-to-school jokes, or are you feeling some relief as well?

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