WATCH: Joanna Gaines Cooks With 2-Year-Old Son Crew in Adorable Clip

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If you haven’t already indulged in Joanna Gaines’ cooking show, Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, stop what you’re doing and go treat yourself.

The newest addition to the Discovery+ streaming platform is just what we needed to start 2021 off right. It’s the most informal, down-to-earth, hang-in-your-best-friend’s-kitchen-while-she-cooks-dinner, kind of cooking show—that is, if your best friend was Joanna Gaines. (A girl can dream, right?)

A preview clip from an upcoming episode is making the rounds on the internet this week after Jo gets a surprise visit from her youngest son, Crew.

The 2-year-old makes his way onto the set while Joanna is in the middle of greasing a pan. Surprised to see him, Jo embraces her son and excitedly loops him into the cooking.

“Do you wanna help mama cook today? You wanna crack an egg?” she asks. Jo encourages Crew to count the eggs and he proudly counts to three.

“That’s really good,” she laughs.

After helping Crew crack an egg, Jo jumps into mom-mode, abandons her cooking post, and takes the unexpected opportunity to spend time with her babe in the garden.

They walk out and pick flowers, which Crew adorably sniffs by blowing out, and they cut fresh basil together before Chip calls for Crew and reunites with the two on the back patio.

The cute clip ends with a friendly rivalry between Chip and Jo, when they ask Crew who which of the two of them is his favorite.

When Chip asks, Crew responds by saying his dad is his favorite.

“Hey!” Joanna says. “Let’s try this again. Who’s your favorite: gaga or mama?” This time, Crew replies with “Mama,” causing Chip to make a face at the camera before the scene ends.

Catch up with all of the latest episodes of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines on Discovery+ now!

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