Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are Family Halloween Costume GOALS

Justin TImberlake
Photo: Justin Timberlake on Instagram

I’m one of those lame parents who doesn’t dress up for Halloween unless I specifically have a reason (since I work at home, no work office party! Waah!) like being invited to a costume party. (I did have a REALLY SWEET Richard Simmons costume from a couple years ago. LOL!) I do envy the family costumes that some folks come up with, but man, just getting my three kids costumed up is enough hustle and bustle for me! My friend Kristi and her husband and daughter do super-cute family costumes, so I live vicariously through her. But this morning on Instagram, I saw perhaps the best family halloween costume EVER, from none other than Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and their son Silas. BEHOLD:


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They got candy? LEGO!

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LEGO Robin, LEGO Harley Quinn, and LEGO Batman? CUTEST EVER! My son was LEGO Batman last year and it’s my favorite costume of his EVER. But man…this mom and dad version that Justin and Jessica take on is pretty LEGIT! The couple took Silas trick-or-treating on the streets of NYC last night, and I am sure their costumes caused QUITE a stir! How could they not? I mean #1, I am pretty sure Justin Timberlake creates a stir wherever he goes and #2, those LEGO Movie costumes were amazing!


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Out here fighting crime in these streets.

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In addition to the unforgettable Instagram pic and video above, Justin also shared this Instagram story of he and Biel walking, captioned, “Date Night.” LOL! Since my husband and I had three kids, we had to divide and conquer trick-or-treating, so no date night for us. Glad the Timberlakes had a fun night out!

Screenshot: Justin Timberlake on Instagram

I’ve had so much fun this morning scrolling through Facebook looking at everyone’s kiddos decked out in their Halloween costumes, but I have to admit, this Timberlake Trio was my fave family costume!

Do you dress up for Halloween, or do you just get the kids suited up? Why or why not?

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