‘God Truly Made You an Original’ — Korie Robertson Pens Beautiful Letter to Sadie Before Wedding Day

Korie Robertson

Our girl Sadie Robertson tied the knot with fiancé, Christian Huff, on Monday evening in a Louisiana wedding that will not soon be forgotten.

Leading up to the big day, the team behind Sadie’s Live Original brand invited some very special people in the bride’s life to write her a letter of encouragement, love, and wisdom as she prepares for life as a wife.

On Friday, just three days before the couple’s nuptials, Korie Robertson took to the Live Original blog with some special words for her daughter.

The proud mom, and new grandma, kicks off her letter reminiscing on how much she used to marvel at Sadie’s hands as a child.

“I’ll never get over how cute your hands were when you were little,” she writes. “I would stare in wonder at your tiny hands as the[y] held onto my finger while I fed you. As a toddler, I would hold you over the sink to wash your hands, place them under the running water and just marveled at your tiny fingers. I’d look into the mirror with you smiling back and think how amazing and incredible God is to have given you to be mine.”

In a walk down memory lane, Korie recalls Sadie’s “deep dimples and spunky personality” — two traits that have defined the 22-year-old throughout her life.

“You told jokes and did impersonations from the time you could talk, you made up dance moves and put on plays, you organized your siblings to go along with your plans, and were the first to put on a costume to entertain the guests at their birthday parties.”


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I just finished reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles and can’t stop thinking about this passage😭I guess because we are right in the very middle of sending our kids out into the world that this is hitting home so perfectly. Thought I’d share this for those of you whose babies are seniors in high school, just off to college, getting married soon, having babies of their own, starting a new job…may we send them off with this kind of love and courage. The daughter in the book is about to go off into the world to use her gifts and talents. She’s scared, but she’s doing it anyway, and I couldn’t love this moment more: The father first reminds her, “One does not fulfill ones potential by listening to Scheherazade in a gilded hall, or by reading the Odyssey in one’s den. One does so by setting forth into the vast unknown- just like Marco Polo when he traveled to China or Columbus when he traveled to America.” Then he assures her that he is proud of her and tells her exactly why (I love this!) “I have had countless reasons to be proud of you…But the moment I felt that pride was not when you brought home news of your victory. It was earlier in the evening, when I watched you heading out of the doors. [Here’s my favorite part!! ➡️]For what matters in life is not whether we receive a round of applause; what matters is whether we have the courage to venture forth despite the uncertainty of the acclaim.” The daughter is nervous about leaving and says, “I only wish that you could be there in the audience to hear me.” The father smiles, “I assure you, my dear, were you to play on the moon I would hear every chord.” 😭😭😭😭 To our kiddos, Dad and I are proud of you before you win or succeed at anything. We are proud when you fail, because we know you took a risk. We are proud of your courage to keep trying, to continue putting yourself out there and offering your gifts to the world. I can promise you whatever you do and wherever life takes you, Dad and I will hear every chord ❤️

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Korie says Sadie has always been “so aware” of the feelings of others, and to this day, still marvels at her daughter’s “crazy understanding of God and Jesus” during a time when most kids her age were only just learning their ABC’s.

“You asked all the questions and never got tired of listening to the answers. You love God, your family, and others so beautifully and completely.”

The Mother of six says she can still see all of those things sadie was as a child “so clearly” in the woman she is today.

“God truly made you an original. He knew all along the things he was preparing you for. Including this moment, the most special of moments, that we are about to celebrate. You’re getting married to the love of your life! Those cute little fingers are about to have a wedding ring on them! You are going to be the most radiant bride.”

Korie reveals the deep prayers she’s prayed over Sadie and her wedding day since the time she was born. Prayers for the man she would marry—one who loves God and His word.

“That he would be strong and kind, wise and fun-loving, faithful and true; a constant learner, with that perfect combination of confidence and humility that only comes from knowing who he is in God.”

She continues, “I prayed that he would cheer you on when you achieve your dreams, and lift you up when you fall, that he would love every single part of you, laugh at your jokes, and light up when you came in the room. I prayed that he would be your best friend and biggest champion.”

Korie prayed for a man that would be an amazing dad to Sadie’s future children, and show them what the overflowing love of a father looks like by leading their family always to the cross with grace and sacrificial love that Jesus displayed for all of us.

“I thank God today that you have found that man in Christian!”


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so close to forever

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He will not be perfect. He will make mistakes and so will you, but now I pray that when the tough times come you will always find your way back to one another through love, compassion, and forgiveness. That you will never forget the promises you made on this day, and that your love for one another will be a light shining bright in this world, bringing glory to God, because He is love.”

Korie closes her letter by reminding Sadie how much she loves her, and that she’ll always be cheering her on.

“I might shed a few tears, but I promise every one of them will be tears of joy and thankfulness for the blessing that your life is to me, that I get to be your mom, and on that day the mother of the most beautiful bride.”

The couple wed under a Louisiana night sky on Monday evening with more than 600 guests in attendance for their nuptials.

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