WATCH: Kristen Bell on Why ‘Frozen 2’ is a Must-See for Young Boys


Whether she’s being as real as real gets about motherhood and mental health or being her goofy-self with hubby, Dax Shepherd, Kristen Bell will forever be one of our favorites.

The Disney Princess stopped by the Tonight Show on Wednesday to talk about the newest installment of Disney’s Frozen and let Jimmy Fallon in on one of the biggest takeaways she had from the film.

“This one is a much bigger adventure than the first one,” Kristen told Jimmy when he asked what fans could expect of the sequel.


“I was really proud of the first one because we talked about self-love and familial love when a lot of times, you just get to talk about romantic love. But in this movie, we delve a little bit into romantic love. And the thing I think I’m proudest of is the way that they represented Kristoff.”

Challenging Toxic Masculinity

Kristen goes on to talk about a song sung by Jonathan Groff, who voices Anna’s love interest in the film, saying that the lyrics are “going to blow your mind.”

“It’s called ‘Lost in the Woods,’ and it’s about [Kristoff’s] big feelings for Anna,” she says. “Little boys don’t often see representations of other boys having really big, loving feelings.”

But Disney is looking to change that. Just as little girls grow up looking to Disney Princesses as role models, it’s important that our boys have the same.

In 2019, it’s Kristoff.


Kristen, who could not BE a better spokesperson for this film, shares the powerful ways Disney made Kristoff into the male role model we want our boys to see on screen.

“There’s a line in the song that says, ‘You feel your feelings and your feelings are real.’”

I mean, y’all. Disney has stirred up some controversy in the past, but this is a truth that our boys need to hear, and see played out.

Kristen also shared two of Kristoff’s lines in the film—one of which had her jumping out of her seat.

“He rescues Anna at one point, and it’s in the midst of battle, and he looks at her, and the first thing he says is, ‘I’m here. What do you need?’ He doesn’t say, ‘Stand back. I’ve got this.’

“I stood up when I first saw it. I was like, ‘Does anybody know how profound that line is?’”


Her other favorite line comes at the end of the film. Anna apologizes to Kristoff for something and he replies, “It’s okay. My love is not fragile.”


I love that Disney is challenging toxic masculinity without creating a superiority complex for women. So often, feminism and equality movements have a way of inadvertently stomping all over men.

In Frozen 2, Kristoff and his actions are not being overshadowed by a feminist agenda, but instead, all of our kids—girls and boys alike—are seeing what healthy feelings, empowerment, and teamwork look like.

Kristen also talked with Jimmy about her new Disney+ show, Encore, which brings together the casts of past high school musical productions and puts on a show in just six days.

“I’ve been proud of a lot of projects,” she says, “this might be number one.”

Check out the full interview below, which includes a sneak peek at Frozen 2, which hits theaters on November 22nd.

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