Kristen Bell ‘Momsplains’ Her Way Through Getting Vaseline Out of Daughter’s Hair

Kristen Bell

If there’s one thing we can count on from Kristen Bell, it’s that when it comes to mommin’, this chick is gonna keep it real.

“The Good Place” actress took to Instagram earlier this month with a cry for help after her youngest daughter, Delta, had bathed in a vat of Vaseline.

Bell shared the whole experience with Ellen Degeneres.

After leaving Delta alone for part of bath time, she returned to find her daughter’s hair still loaded with product.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t think you got the conditioner out of your hair,’ and she’s like, ‘No, I did,'” Bell recalled. “Then, 10 minutes later, as I’m putting her pajamas on, I’m like, ‘What did you use?’ and she’s like, ‘Vaseline!'”

“How you get it out is this,” the 39-year-old explains. “It was three rounds of Hello Bello shampoo, one round of clarifying shampoo, two rounds of dish soap, and then we still had to wait four days because none of that worked,” she laughed.

Bell says that although Dawn dish soap did help a little bit, her daughter’s new beauty hack left her hair a greasy mess for days.

The actress, who has a way of making all of life’s curveballs just a little more funny, chalks it all up to her daughter’s love of “sensory play.”

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