Kristen Bell Shared a Photo Homeschooling Her Daughters and It’s Painfully Relatable

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Pandemic parenting is essentially just living to survive these days, and no one knows that better than Kristen Bell. The Good Place actress has not been shy about sharing the good, the bad and the ugly during quarantine.

This week, Kristen posted a photo on Instagram of herself teaching her daughters, Lincoln (7) and Delta (5), and it pretty much sums up parenthood in 2020.

“Homeschooling’s going okay,” she captioned the photo.

The picture shows one daughter sitting next to her, one climbing on her shoulders, and the dog sitting in her lap. Together, Kristen’s “offspring” and family pet are all gathered around the computer, snacks and worksheets in tow, just trying to make it through another day of learning at home.


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Homeschool’s going okay.

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In a recent interview with People magazine, Kristen admitted that she ripped up the color-coded schedules she had created for the girls just five days into their stay-at-home.

“I said if the plan is making everyone miserable, the lesson is to pivot. Pivot, right?” she explained. Since then, they’ve been using a combination of different online teaching techniques — one that makes for a better learning experience, and is shared among all of the teachers.

“I’m trying to finish all the schoolwork if we can,” she said. “Really, the priorities are: one thing for your brain, one thing for your body. That’s a way better schedule than whatever color-coded nonsense I tried to instill.”

Earlier this month, Kristen shared a photo of her daughter Lincoln’s first opinion essay, which was a less-than-flattering review of her mom’s parenting.


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“Trying to get my 1st grader to write her first opinion essay, and was quite impressed with the topic she chose as she presented her grid with opinion and evidence,” she captioned a photo of the school project.

It just goes to show that we’re all just doing what we can to survive this thing. You’re not alone!

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