Missy Robertson Hosts Weekend-Long Fundraising Event for 22 Families Touched by Her Daughter

Missy Robertson

The whole Robertson gang was out in Monroe, Louisiana this weekend to host a weekend-long fundraising event that’s near and dear to Missy Robertson and her whole family.

The Mia Moo Fund, named appropriately after Missy’s daughter, Mia Robertson, exists to ensure that every child has a warm and bright smile by helping to support and encourage families of children born with cleft lip / palate, and raising money for future research and development.

Cleft lip, commonly associated with cleft palate, is an oral malformation that occurs in the early stages of pregnancy due to abnormal facial development. Cleft lip creates a physical separation of the upper lip, potentially resulting in ear infections, problems with the teeth, trouble speaking, and the loss of hearing.

Mia was born with a cleft lip, and has undergone several surgeries and procedures throughout her short 14 years of life to treat this birth defect.

This year, the Robertsons hosted an inaugural fundraiser in honor of their daughter, Mia, and others like her who were born with a cleft lip / palate.

The gang gathered at the Logtown Plantation for a night of poker to raise money for this special cause.

Missy Robertson

In addition to hosting several donors at Friday night’s event, Missy Robertson and her husband Jase also welcomed 22 families (about 120 people), that they have helped through the foundation for a weekend of fun.

The honored guests were treated to a tour of Duck Commander, then brought to the plantation for a full afternoon and evening of food, activities and fun surprises.

Missy Robertson

They joined together at church on Sunday where each of the families were prayed over, and then celebrated with a potluck after the service before being sent off by the Robertson clan.

Missy Robertson

“Where do I even begin? The inaugural #PokerAtThePlantation was a huge success, and the @miamoofund-day with 22 cleft families was incredible,” Missy wrote on Instagram. “Our church family blessing them this morning was overwhelming.”

Missy Robertson has not been shy about sharing the challenges and blessings her family has faced in raising a child with special medical needs.

In her book, Blessed, Blessed… Blessed, Missy details the lessons she’s learned as a result of Mia’s birth defect, and how their family keeps the faith when life can’t simply be fixed.

“One of the lessons I have learned specifically about Mia’s cleft is that it is not a problem to be fixed; it is a process to be managed. In the beginning, I simply wanted the surgeons to correct the defects in her lip and palate. It’s not that easy. Humans will never be able to recreate what only God can create, no matter how skilled they are. What we can do is manage the challenges we face, get the best care possible, and aim for the best results so a child can have the maximum quality of life as he or she grows older.”

She also often shares beautiful glimpses into their life on her social media accounts, thanking God for every experience, even those that are less than “fun.”

The research paid for my the Mia Moo Fund will make it possible to learn more about this birth defect and how it can be treated correctly in order to bring a bright and charming smile to every child.

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