Missy Robertson Returns to Television in All New Series, ‘Restored’

Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson is back on our television screens this Spring for a new series about radical redemption and the love of Jesus.

The former Duck Dynasty wife is starring in an all new Pure Flix series called, Restored.

The show is based on the redemption stories found among the women working for Missy’s Jewelry company, Laminin. Founded in 2016, the mission-based company works to equip, empower, and enrich the lives of women in crisis.

More than a business, Laminin is a place women go after they leave prison, escape trafficking, overcome addiction or need a fresh start.

In the five-part series, Missy sits down with some of the women for what Pure Flix describes as “raw, honest discussions” about their paths to redemption—finding freedom in a second chance, and radically changing the trajectory of their lives through the hope found in Jesus Christ.

The Robertsons: Life After “Duck Dynasty”

Missy and Jase Robertson sit down to talk about life after Duck Dynasty on A&E, faith, hope, and Laminin. Watch the incredible series, Restored with Missy Robertson.

All episodes now on Pure Flix!

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“We’re all given second chances,” Missy said in an interview. “Those who have embraced Jesus as our Lord, He gives us a second chance every single day. So who am I to say, ‘You’re not worth that second chance with me?’ I ask it of my Savior every day. … We’re all flawed.”

Missy says many of the women in the series grew up being told by their mothers and other family members that they weren’t good enough, or they’d never find a man.

They walk into Laminin with low self-esteem, looking for hope.

“My heart breaks when I hear these women tell stories like this,” Missy says.

Her hope in hiring them is to simply let them know, “You don’t have to continue in this mindset. You can be redeemed, you can be restored.”

Through the tangible work environment of making, creating and designing beautiful pieces of jewelry, these women are given a safe place to open up and be poured into.

By working and becoming an employee valuable to the company, the women learn, “I am worth something.”

“But it’s not a charity,” Robertson said. “It’s a business first. … You still have to come to work every day. You still have to be productive.”

One of the episodes includes an interview with Missy’s mother-in-law, Kay Robertson, who opens up about the early years of her and Phil’s marriage, talks about her husband’s battle with alcoholism, and how she forgave him so many years ago. She shares the redemption she found after placing her life and hope in Jesus.

Watch Restored with Missy Robertson

With their marriage on the rocks, Miss Kay & her husband turned to God. Watch Restored with Missy Robertson on Pure Flix. #Faith https://hubs.ly/H0lQWRq0

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“She’s able to share how she got through that [and] why she forgave him,” Missy says of her interview with Kay. “Look at all of the fruit of that relationship – the fruit of that forgiveness. I think the ultimate goal of this series is to understand that we all need to be forgiven, that we all need second chances.”

Check out Missy Robertson on the new series, Restored, available only on Pure Flix.

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