Pregnant Shawn Johnson Hospitalized For Breaking Big Toe ‘In Half’

Shawn Johnson

At 38 weeks pregnant, Shawn Johnson East found herself in the hospital over the weekend, but it wasn’t to welcome her impending bundle of joy.

The former gymnast took to Instagram revealing that she unexpectedly wound up in the emergency room on Sunday after she dropped a piece of concrete on her foot.

“38 weeks pregnant and in the ER……. for a broken big toe,” the 27-year-old joked on Instagram. “Only me.”

She reassured that “All is good” saying she’s “just adding a little more swag to my big mama waddle these days.”

Shawn, who is expecting her first child with husband Andrew East after a very public miscarriage in 2018, gave more detail of the accident on her Instagram stories Sunday night.

“Well guys, we had a really eventful night. We are currently headed home from the emergency room,” she explained in the car on her way home from the hospital. “It had nothing to do with the baby,” she reassured her followers.

In true Shawn Johnson East fashion, the gymnast found humor in the whole thing and laughed her way through the story of how it all happened.

“I dropped a piece of concrete on my foot — a piece of concrete fell on my foot because I was real[ly] excited about petting a dog … and I broke my big toe just in half,” Shawn continued. “Pretty nasty, so that happened.”

Shawn went on to say that “all is good, baby’s good, everything’s good,” and followed up by saying that she did not take any pain medications “because, baby.”

“So just ice,” she said, sarcastically adding, “Oh boy, it’s gonna be a fun night of sleep!”

On Monday she popped back into her Instagram stories joking that the timing of the accident couldn’t have been better.

“Guys I’m great, I promise. I’ve got some pretty coloring, my foot is a little bit bigger than usual, my big toe’s a little bit longer than usual, but I’m good! It’s just a perfect excuse to chill out until baby comes!” she said.

The couple first announced their pregnancy in April, sharing the exciting news on Instagram and Shawn’s YouTube channel.


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