Sadie Robertson Huff Recounts ‘Scary and Really Dangerous’ Childbirth

Sadie Robertson

Two months after welcoming her daughter Honey into the world, Sadie Robertson Huff is opening up this week about her traumatic delivery.

The 24-year-old took to her Whoa That’s Good podcast Wednesday sharing details of Honey’s birth story and recounting the moment when “everything got crazy” during her final push.


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Sadie, who welcomed baby Honey with husband Christian Huff on May 11, recalled being “pushed down on the bed” with “every nurse in the room just over me, and they were pulling my legs and pushing my stomach as hard as they could and honestly I didn’t know what happened.”

“I thought they cut me open because of how painful it was when they pressed on my stomach. Now I know they were pressing my pelvis bone to get her out because what happened was Honey got stuck. Her shoulder got stuck,” she explained.

It turns out that Honey’s shoulder was “clamping the umbilical cord,” preventing the newborn from getting any air, which Sadie says they learned is very rare and only happens in about 1% of births. The new mom recalled her nurse saying is “the scariest thing that can happen in a vaginal delivery.”


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“Every second counts, and they couldn’t get her out for two minutes and 10 seconds,” she said. “So, this really was very scary and really dangerous. Thankfully, I didn’t know what was going on. I knew something was wrong because of the pain and the doctor had just told me, ‘Next push, she’s here!’ So what normally takes three to five seconds took two minutes and 10 seconds. Then her knee got stuck after they got her shoulder out.”

After the doctor worked frantically to get Honey out, the newborn was not breathing.

“Her face was purple and her body was white,” Sadie recalled. “It was very scary.”

Throughout her labor, Sadie says she and Christian had worship music playing in the background. When Honey finally emerged, the song “Million Little Miracles” by Elevation Worship was on—a perfect anthem for her arrival.

“And so, in the moment of them taking her from me to the table and trying to get her to breathe, I’m just listening to that,” she said. “I got ‘Million Little Miracles’ playing and then all of a sudden, we heard the prayer that we prayed, the lion from the tribe of Judah. The roar, if you will. She literally just screamed, and it was just a miracle because the nurses said she really should not have been breathing on her own. They were about to take her to the NICU, and she just started breathing on her own — like, they gave her a little oxygen that they had there and then she just did it on her own.”


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Sadie’s delivery team was also amazed that despite trying to break Honey’s shoulder to get her out quickly, her shoulder was completely unharmed.

“They had three doctors check her shoulder because they were in disbelief it didn’t break,” Sadie said.

The new mom noted that she and Christian chose their daughter’s name because Honey is both sweet and strong.

Honey’s birth is a beautiful testament to that.

Check out the full episode of Wednesday’s Whoa That’s Good podcast:

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