Shawn Johnson East Gets Mom-Shamed After Posting Video of Baby’s First ‘Flip’

Shawn Johnson East

It’s been just over three months since Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson East welcomed her daughter into the world and already she’s become the target of some relentless mom-shaming.

Last week, the 28-year-old and her husband, Andrew East, took baby Drew to the beach in Miami where the three month old “performed” her very first flip.

Shawn shared a video of the milestone moment to Instagram, where it immediately garnered some backlash.


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In the video, the former gymnast is kneeling in the sand. While holding her daughter’s waist, she slowly flips her upside down in a 360 degree turn. The sweet family moment ends with Andrew cheering on his daughter and giving her a big kiss after she sticks the landing.

“Roo’s first flip!!” Shawn captioned the post. “She was PERFECTLY safe… so don’t even haha,” the gymnast added — she could already see the mom-shamers coming.

Despite the disclaimer, internet trolls came out in droves accusing Shawn of being “a bit too rough handling such a young baby,” and suggesting that Drew isn’t warm enough. “She needs at least socks if not shoes, as well, and hats,” one user commented on the post, attracting over 400 likes.


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Shawn had some words of her own for the commenter. Defending herself, she replied, “Are you holding her? Have you physically dealt her sweat when she wears socks? Or felt her strength when she stands? Or seen her fuss until she stands up because she hates laying down? Nope. You haven’t. I’m her mama. I know.”

Mama don’t play, y’all. And thank goodness! Who is this woman to point fingers about SOCKS of all things?

In the short time she’s been a mom, Shawn has taken on more than her share of mom-shaming from the peanut gallery.

In December, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant shared a video of her dancing to “White Christmas” while snuggling her daughter close.


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“My favorite.. dancing with my girl @drewhazeleast (yessss mommy shamers … I am sure there is something I am doing very wrong 🙄#momlife” she wrote.

And it wasn’t but a few minutes before some “well-meaning” mother felt the need to bestow her unsolicited opinion on the new mom.

“No mommy shamers here, boo. Just loving mothers who know better not to shake, rattle and roll their newborn. All that extra stuff you’re doing to her could wait. The poor baby looks nauseated!” a follower commented.

Oh PLEASE. Sit down.

We all know not to shake a baby. I’d hardly say this even comes close to that.

Despite all of the negative attention followers are giving her on social media, Shawn has been very open about the hardships she’s faced since becoming a new mom—including a different delivery than she was expecting.

“I feel like there’s a million things you learn,” she told The Bump about becoming a parent. “Nothing goes to plan.”


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“You learn that parenting is not easy. I felt like going into delivery and even having a baby I had so many plans of how things were going to go and what I was going to do and then you have a kid and the kid defines a lot of that,” she said. “I guess I’ve just been humbled by having to have patience and grace and forgiveness with myself that things are different than I expected.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Shawn got real about her journey with breastfeeding.

“I had more meltdowns trying to breast-feed than I ever had in my entire life,” she told Us Weekly. “Nobody prepares you for how frustrating and hard that can be. She was an amazing eater for about a week and then just said, ‘No, thank you.’ I joke it’s like World War III with her trying to figure that one out. … A lot of meltdowns a lot of tears on both parties.”

One thing is certain though—no amount of mom-shamers or feeding meltdowns can change this mother’s love for her daughter.


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