TobyMac’s Oldest Son, Truett, Dies Suddenly at 21


Our hearts are broken today for Christian rapper, TobyMac, as reports surface of his son’s sudden death.

Truett Foster McKeehan reportedly passed away at the family’s home in Nashville, Tennessee this week, but details about the 21-year-old’s death are still uncertain.


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“Truett did pass away at home in the Nashville area sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning,” a rep for the family said in a statement to USA Today.

The Davidson County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed he died Wednesday. The cause of death is still undetermined.

TobyMac, who is currently on tour, traveled home from Canada to be with his family.

“We just ask that everyone please be respectful of their privacy during this time and allow them to grieve their loss,” the rep said.

Truett was an aspiring rapper like his father, and even collaborated on several tracks for different TobyMac albums.

Last year, TobyMac released a song called “Scars” which details an intimate look into the relationship with his oldest son.

“‘Scars’ is deeply personal, and for me, it is about my son. He is 20 years old and he left home and he is doing his own thing now,” the artist revealed. “It’s also about watching him go through tough times and get cut and bruised.”

The heart-wrenching song recognizes the ache of memories that were—something that every parent can relate to in watching our kids spread their wings — and reflects on the different ways he and Truett’s relationship has changed since leaving the flock.

“Now you won’t take my phone calls, You won’t text me back at all, I just wanna see you, I can’t stand to see you gone.”

We raise them to leave us, but that doesn’t mean the sting of nostalgia doesn’t leave a scar.

Join us today in lifting the McKeehan family in prayer through this unimaginable time.

“You, you’re not alone…scars come with livin’.”

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