TobyMac Reminds Us God Never Leaves or Forsakes Us in His Return to the Stage After Son’s Death


Christian artist TobyMac, who lost his first born son Truett to an accidental overdose in October of last year, performed his first concert since the tragedy on Saturday night.

Toby has spoken out on social media and even released a new song (21 Years) about how he was feeling after his son’s death, but this is the first time he has taken the stage since he cut his tour short after hearing the news while in Canada last year.

Here is what he said when he took the stage:

“I appreciate the prayers, I appreciate the encouraging posts on social media. We are grateful to you. Thank you so much for surrounding us with love.”

“Someone told me once,” he continued. “When something like this happens, and you experience loss like this you’re going to start reaching for these promises of God. And some of them you thought he promised you, but you might of been mistaken. God didn’t promise you no suffering or pain or loss. But the promise I’ve been holding onto is that God will never leave us or forsake us. I’m believing that for me as well as my son, that God will never leave us or forsake us.”

Toby then went on to sing ‘The Elements‘ and over-emphasized the line “This world always tryin’ to rip my family apart“. The chorus then says,

“I’ll fight the elements
I got spirit, I got faith
I might bend but I won’t break
I’ll fight the elements”

Toby reminds us that only God can give us the strength to make it through hard and impossible times. We are in a spiritual war here on earth (the elements) but as long as we keep our faith in Jesus, we won’t break.

He and his son Leo walked the red carpet at the Grammy’s on Sunday and got to attend Kanye’s Sunday Service in Hollywood.

You can view his speech below. Starting at the 8:00 min mark.

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