WATCH: ‘Full House’ Cast Recreates Iconic Opening Credits for: ‘Full Quarantine’

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The entire world may be shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but celebrities far and wide are doing their part to remind us that we’re all in this together.

Last week, the cast of Full House joined forces (social distancing style) to recreate the iconic intro to their 1987 hit show from their own homes.

Appropriately dubbed “Full Quarantine,” the parody video starts with the all-too-familiar aerial view of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, accompanied by the show’s beloved theme song, “Everywhere You Look.”

Cue ALL the feels.

Each member of the cast then has their usual introduction to the show, in which they’re actively doing something, then pan to the camera with a signature smile. Only this time, the activity they’re doing is less telling of their character’s personality, and more accurately depicting everyone’s time in quarantine.

John Stamos is seen extracting every last drop of hand soap from the bottle in his intro, while Bob Saget is appropriately disinfecting his mop as well as his face with hand sanitizer.

Dave Coulier is seen fishing on a pier for a slice of pizza, while Candace Cameron Bure is aggressively plunging her toilet.

Jodie Sweetin nails all of our inner spirit animals with her quarantine intro, in which she greets the camera from her bed before shooing it away and pulling the covers back over her head.

Andrea Barger dons a very Kimmy Gibbler outfit as she opens the refrigerator in anticipation of a hearty breakfast, only to discover she’s out of eggs. And show creator Jeff Franklin is seen tossing a tennis ball at his dogs, who are complying with CDC guidelines by wearing masks.

The parody ends with a message to fans, urging everyone to practice social distancing procedures.

“Stay safe and stay home,” and “Unlike ‘Full House,’ this will all go away,” the screen reads.

Bure, who plays DJ Tanner on the sitcom and it’s Netflix reboot, Fuller House, shared the video on Wednesday, giving a shout out to her daughters who pieced the whole parody together.

The cast finished filming the fifth and final season of Fuller House in 2019. Half of the episodes have already dropped on Netflix, and the other half are scheduled to debut in the near future.

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