WATCH: The Holderness Family Hilariously Depicts Our ‘New Normal In Quarantine’

Holderness Family

If there’s anyone we can count on to bring humor to every situation, it’s the Holderness Family!

Known for their parody videos, skits, failed DIY’s, and podcasts, Penn and Kim Holderness, along with their kids, Lola and Penn Charles, are the “hot mess” family we can ALL relate to.

This week, they graced the internet with an all new short titled, “New Normal in Quarantine,” and it is EVERYTHING our lives are made of during this wild time we’re living in.

Penn and Kim complied all of the new, weird things we’re doing during this crisis — both to protect ourselves and others, and also pass the time — then rolled it all into a three minute video that we just can’t get enough of.

It all starts with Kim gearing up to go to the grocery store. Decked out in a hazmat suit and gas mask, she’s ready to embark on the one necessary activity that requires us to come in contact with the general public.

Penn, who appears to be working from home, channels ALL of us with his business on the top, party on the bottom work attire for a virtual meeting.

They perfectly capture all of us trying to adhere to social distancing protocols while also trying to enjoy the outdoors. And Kim sanitizing every inch of her groceries, hands, mail and self, is speaking to my soul so bad!

They try their hand at TikTok, look for ANY sort of live entertainment on TV, and scold each other over using more than four squares of toilet paper!

“I heard the roll spinning, that was definitely more than four squares,” Kim yells through the bathroom door. “Stop it. You can wipe yourself with a sock for all I care. No more than four.”

Penn embraces social distancing by having a beer with the neighbor from the comfort of their own porches, and he even turns into the pandemic police when he spots “Susan and Karen” out for a walk together.

“They’re like four feet apart. They don’t live together! They gotta spread out!”

If the video reiterates anything, it’s that we’re living in an unprecedented time. But one thing we can be certain of, is that we’re all in this together — even while we’re apart.

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