This Hilarious Mom Has the Tips You Need to Survive Your Extended Family Christmas Party

Christmas ToneWhat can I say? I’m a friend to the common man and I like to help people solve problems.

Posted by Melissa Radke on Monday, December 12, 2016

Funny mom Melissa Radke cracks parents up every day on her Facebook page, and today I’ve got some more of her advice that was just TOO GOOD not to share. She’s tackling how to make it through your holidays when you’re going to be with extended (or close!) family members who drive you just a WEE BIT crazy! Radke’s got it all worked out, and it all comes down to one word: TONE. Watch as she gamely and hilariously demonstrates how to say “You got married AGAIN?” and make it mean two totally different things! It’s pretty hysterical, and as usual with Radke, totally SPOT ON.

Enjoy this touch of fun and keep your “tone” in mind as you head out to your holiday parties this year!

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Jenny Rapson
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