WATCH: Trey Kennedy Hilariously Breaks Down the ‘Phases of 2020’

Trey Kennedy

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a mixed bag. What started out as an exciting new decade, quickly turned into a rollercoaster of emotions met with an influx of information, and a strong opinion about masks.

If there’s one person we can count on to find the humor in all of the mess this year, it’s Trey Kennedy.

The 27-year-old comedian has kept busy throughout the pandemic, creating hilarious videos that perfectly depict what we’re all experiencing this year. His latest installment, “Phases of 2020,” is so on point, it’s as if he’s been living IN my house all this time!

In just under six minutes, Kennedy takes us on a ride through what feels like the longest year ever, and totally nails every thought, conversation, and wave of emotion we’ve each felt in the last four months.

Phase 1: The Beginning

The video starts with Kennedy learning that the world is going on lockdown for fifteen days. Like many of us did back in March, he feels pretty good about the quarantine, calling it a “blessing in disguise.”

“I think this will be a good thing. You know, slow down the craziness, stop the rat race,” he says. “It’s funny, we’re going to stop the rat race because the human race ate a bat. It’s kind of poetic.”

He goes through the motions of stocking up on weeks worth of groceries—and toilet paper, knowing someone who knows someone, who knows someone else who has the virus, and making ALL the plans for his newfound “free time.”

Phase 2: Thriving

By this point in the year, Stay-At-Home orders had far-out expiration dates, and working from home was still exciting.

“Eight more weeks,” he jokes. “Did Fauci see his shadow?”

It was the phase when we all decided to connect with family and friends we never talk to, Zoom got it’s 15-minutes of fame, and TikTok was all the rage. Slowing down felt great, and the world collectively felt this sense of unity like, “we’re all in this together.”

We made sourdough bread, banana bread, all the homemade things, and binge watched what we thought would be the wildest thing of 2020: Tiger King.

“This is so good for me. Back in the real world, I was so overstimulated,” Kennedy says. “Now the only thing stimulating me is the government.”

Phase 3: Falling Apart

All good things must come to an end. And it wasn’t long until we were all completely and utterly over this pandemic — and all the things it brought with it.

We’d done the family zoom calls, we’d watched literally everything Netflix had to offer, and we all pretty much wanted to kill each other.

“Maybe outside it’s still spring, but on this couch I’ve experienced 112 seasons.”

Hanging with friends meant sitting outside at a park, but first tracing back every possible interaction that anyone could have had to know if it’s safe.

Phase 4: A Glimmer of Hope

Reopening plans are in place, and finally there’s something important worth leaving your house for as protests broke out across the country and around the world following the heinous death of George Floyd.

“Patios or protests, what are we thinking?” Kennedy asks his roommates. “We can do both! Mimosas then march. A little juice then justice.”

We found joy in the little things again—like sitting at a coffee shop, and learned that everything we did back in March did very little to actually protect us.

Phase 5: Hopes are Crushed

“I’ve been busy…rescheduling all the stuff I already rescheduled and postponed, and kinda judging people’s decisions for hosting things…”

By June and into July, the once “flattened curve” became a vertical straight line as cases increased, and we’ve all become jaded by the ever-contradictory information we’re being told on a daily basis.

“Who cracks more jokes? CDC or SNL?”

The most exciting conversations to have with your family is breaking down the social distancing measures happening in your town, and masks are officially beginning to smell.

We may not know what the next phase looks like yet, but one thing we can all look forward to is more comedy from Trey Kennedy. He’s hosting a one night only live event on July 29, and you can get your tickets at

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