Watch: Comedian Holds Quarantine Press Conference in Her Kitchen, and It Is Everything

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There’s a lot of information swirling around these days as we all look to the news for the latest developments on all things Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the news, which is designed to inform and educate, often leaves us feeling confused and jumbled as to how we move forward in a global pandemic.

Daily press conferences designed to reveal answers, and give direction tend to contradict what’s being said at various leadership levels.

To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask—that is the question.

But have no fear my friends, Adley Stump is here!

The social media-comic and influencer behind The Adley Show, took to the internet this week with her very own press conference, to inform us of “what everyone should be doing right now,” and it’s the daily dose of humor we all desperately need.

“Yeah, I really don’t understand why everybody isn’t following the same rules right now,” she says live from her digital press conference. “They’re very clear, so let’s take a minute and let’s go over them again.”

Then Adley dives into the laundry-list of safety guidelines we’ve been given over the last several weeks…most of which have exceptions and thus, contradict themselves completely.

“First, you must not leave the house for any reason,” she says. “Unless of course, you have a reason, and then you may leave the house.”

“All stores are closed, except those that are open. And all stores must close, unless of course, they need to stay open.”

Her three-and-a-half minute monalogue echoes just about every press conference from local and global leaders over the last six weeks, bringing some much-needed humor to our quarantined lives.

“This virus has no effect on children, except for those children, in which it effects.”

She covers everything we’ve heard in real press conferences — from homeschooling children while working at home, to the confusion surrounding the science behind the virus itself.

“The virus remains active on different surfaces for two hours…or four hours…or six hours, but in most cases, it’s days and not hours, and it needs a damp environment. Or a cold environment that is warm and dry…in the air…unless the air is plastic.”

Adley says she is not the original author of the content, but was given permission by the original author to adapt it for video.

“Stay home! I don’t know how many more celebrities we need to tell you how important it is, to go outside, and take care of your mental health.”

Since first sharing the video on Monday, it’s been viewed nearly 6.5 million times on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Stay safe, folks. And when you’re running on information overload, just remember: None of us have any idea how to do this. Let’s be gentle with each other while we figure it out.

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