WATCH: Stuff Moms Say, Quarantine Edition

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If there’s anyone we can trust to put a smile on our face and keep it real-er than real, it’s none other than Whoa Susannah. The freelance writer and best-selling author otherwise known as Susannah B. Lewis, has built an online community around her funny videos, fluent sarcasm, and all-too-relatable musings. 

Her most recent post is nothing short of that!

Susannah took to Facebook Monday with a humorous look inside every moms quarantine, where leggings are the new ‘real pants,’ and sweatpants are the new leggings

The video appropriately titled, “Stuff Moms Say: Quarantine Edition” will have you saying “Yep, that’s me!” ALL. DAY. LONG. 


Stuff Moms Say: Quarantine Edition
(Thanks, Amy)

Posted by Whoa Susannah- Susannah B. Lewis, Author on Monday, March 30, 2020

To kick things off, Susannah wakes up, unaware and quite frankly, un-concerned with what day and time it is. 

She rolls over, grabs her bag of chips that are already conveniently in her bed, and proceeds to watch “Tiger King” on Netflix, because nothing says quarantine quite like Joe Exotic. 

For the remainder of the almost two-minute clip, we follow Susannah throughout her day—choosing which leggings to wear, scolding kids for not wearing pants, playing pantry police, and of course, just trying to stay sane in the midst of quarantine. 

“When was the last time YOU showered?” she asks one of her kids. 

Or my personal favorite, “Unless you have the math book with the roller skate on the front, I can’t help you.” 

Catch all of Susannah’s funny videos and musings on Facebook! And check out all of her happenings at

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