Disney’s Incredibles 2 Trailer Shows Elastigirl as a Working Mom Saving the World

incredibles 2 trailer

If you’ve got a superhero-movie lovin’ family like mine, you’ve been dying to see The Incredibles 2 trailer and counting DOWN to the movie’s June 2018 release ever since Disney announced that they would FINALLY, FINALLY make a sequel to “The Incredibles,” nearly a decade and a half after it debuted. My daughter was literally BESIDE herself to see the Incredibles 2 trailer that they showed during the Olympics this week, and I have to admit that the Incredibles 2 trailer did NOT disappoint! Check it out for yourself and you’ll see why…

That’s right! There’s been a role reversal in the Par/Incredible household. In the first movie, dad Bob Par and his alter ego Mr. Incredible does most of the hero-ing while mom Helen has to keep her alter ego, Elastigirl, at bay while caring for their kids. However, the Incredibles 2 trailer suuuure makes it seem like in the highly-anticipated super-sequel, Elastigirl will be out saving the world while Mr. Incredible keeps his three super-kids safe at home (and of course he’s got more to cope with now that baby Jack Jack seems to have discovered his own super powers!)

Despite the fact that only my almost-14-year old was born when the original Incredibles movie came out (and he didn’t see it until he was 7 or 8), all THREE of my kids are SUPER-PUMPED about Incredibles 2, since it’s one we’ve enjoyed watching over and over again as a family! Personally I can’t wait to see how Helen/Elastigirl claims the spotlight and shines as a working mom (albeit her untraditional career looks to be SAVING THE WORLD, not working in an office) and I’m hoping the movie gives Bob a chance to SHINE in his role as stay-at-home dad, as so many great dads do.

incredibles 2 trailer

Like many Incredibles fans, I’m banking on there being some sort of conflict that the WHOLE family has to unite together to solve combining their unique individual powers to crush evil while giving us all a laugh. I have to tell you, this is one movie I’m REALLY looking forward to as a parent, and I’m hoping they’ll throw us another version of the Incredibles 2 trailer as the June 15 release date gets closer.

Is your family looking forward to seeing The Incredibles 2?

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