Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional Hamilton ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ Performance Will Move ALL Moms to Tears




Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite singers and celebrity moms—with 2 kids, 2 stepkids, and 3 grammys, she’s pretty experienced at both. When I heard she was going to be involved with the Hamilton Mixtape—songs from the Broadway blockbuster Hamilton performed by popular artists, I was thrilled, because I LOVE Hamilton (OBSESSED!!) and I knew Clarkson would knock whatever song they gave her out of the park.

One of the things I love most about Clarkson’s performances is how she doesn’t hold back on letting her emotions come through, so the Hamilton Mixtape folks picked the PERFECT song for her: “It’s Quiet Uptown.” The song tells the story of how Alexander and Eliza Hamilton dealt with the death of their oldest son, Philip, when he was just 19. Because I am obsessed, I pre-ordered the Hamilton Mixtape, and heard Clarkson’s track a couple of weeks ago, as it was one of the first tracks released. Her performance is HAUNTINGLY beautiful and it made me cry when I heard it—but watching her perform it in the video above on the TODAY show REALLY brought on the waterworks!

Before she took the mic, Kelly explained to Matt Lauer and Hoda Kotb that she first heard the song when she was pregnant with her son, and that the thought of losing her son just makes it extremely emotional. She said she’s only made it through singing it without crying ONE TIME, but that she would do her best.

CHeck out Clarkson’s performance above! She is mostly successful at keeping the tears in check, but I have to admit that when she broke down, I did too. WHEW! It’s emotional, heart-wrenching, and something every mom can identify with. The thought of losing a child is truly, as the song says, “unimaginable.” I know some strong mamas who have walked this grief-paved path, and my prayers are with those mamas who already have little ones in heaven waiting for them.

What did you think of Clarkson’s performance…and are you Hamilton-obsessed, too?

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