Kristen Bell’s Daughter Dropped a 4-Letter Word and Her Reaction Is Spot On Mom Perfection!

If you’ve read this website for any length of time you probably know that I’m just a WEE BIT girl crushing on Kristen Bell. I can’t help it, she had me at Veronica Mars, and that was like 12 years ago! I personally think that ever since Kristen and her husband Dax Shepard starting having kids, she’s gotten even FUNNIER! I mean, after all, how can you survive motherhood without a little laughter, RIGHT?

Kristen Bell recently went on Conan O’Brien’s show to talk about her new TV show The Good Place, and ended up sharing a hilarious parenting anecdote about her two daughters, Lincoln, 3 and Delta, 22 months. (I’m guessing since Delta is still pretty young, Lincoln is the offender in this case, but she doesn’t specify.)

The hilarity begins when Conan asks Kristen if her girls are into fashion and clothes, and Bell tells a hilarious fashion-related story that involves her daughter DISSING her hard! Then Conan moves on to “Do you try not to swear in front of your kids?” THAT’S when this story takes a totally hilarious and relatable turn! Kristen’s response to her daughter using some SALTY language in a frustrated moment is sooooo funny, and should definitely earn her a “Mom of the Year” award! Naturally, this happened when Dax Shepard was NOT at home to help a mother out.

I think we’ve also frozen in horror when our kids have said the WRONG thing at the WRONG time—I’m sure Kristen is counting her blessings that this happened at home…but maybe not, since she DID then relate the whole incident on national TV and now it’s on the Internet FOREVER.

This story cracked me up not only because it’s SO FUNNY, but also because it proves once again that parenthood is the great equalizer…TV stars have parent problems, too!

What’s the WORST thing your kids has ever said?

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