Disney Just Dropped a Teaser Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ & We’re Here for it!

Frozen 2

Forget chocolate and roses this Valentine’s Day! Disney just gifted us with the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2, and it’s giving us ALL the feels!

The sequel is set to hit theaters this fall, and for the first time in forever we were reunited Wednesday with Queen Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. The gang’s all here and this time around, things are looking even more grim than that time Queen Elsa put a frozen spell over Arendelle.

The trailer for the film — which appears to have a much darker, more serious, and action-packed tone than the original 2013 flick — shows a determined Elsa taking on a giant body of water with her super freeze powers. Because, naturally.

We see Kristoff and Sven leading a heard of gallant reindeer, there’s a lot of running and leaping off cliffs, and it would seem that the crew is on the mission of a lifetime.

Anna and Elsa are even sporting some new hairstyles!

And this is no job for ballgowns. The royal sisters are wearing PANTS, battling fires, and gazing over a breathtaking mountain top view of Autumn leaves. The snow may have never bothered Elsa, but it doesn’t look like the friends will be battling snow this go around.

Director Jennifer Lee told Variety last year to expect bigger things from the sequel — something we can already see from the teaser. She says the focus will remain on Elsa and Anna, but this film will be “bigger” and “more epic” in scale. “They’re going to go far out of Arendelle,” she said.

The excitement is real! But we can’t get carried away just yet. Frozen 2 won’t be hitting theaters until November 22nd.

Until then, I’ll just be over here eating my Valentine’s Day candy, watching this trailer on repeat!

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