FYI Parents: Netflix’s New Sabrina Show Is Super Sexual and Satanic

chilling adventures of Sabrina
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Ummm I hardly know how to start this one, parents. Like, get your YIKES-o-meter dusted off because you’re gonna need it when I tell you about Netflix’s new The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show. I noticed it when it popped up on my Netflix menu a couple of weeks ago, but as I saw there was an inverted pentagram in the logo, I was all “hmm, no thanks, totally not into Satanism.” I felt like since the star was clearly depicted as a young, blond, teen, that it might be a super satanified version of ye olde 90s show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. And, sadly, it turns out I was right. Uggghh. This Sabrina show, despite being rated TV-14, is NOT something you want your kids watching, no matter how old they are.

I finally decided to look into (but not watch) the show when I got word that there was an orgy scene among several teens. NOT COOL. But, even though I definitely, definitely think that teen orgies (and they are all partially clothed, for the record) are suuuper bad, that’s not even close to the worst part of the Sabrina show, you guys!

Not. Even. Close.

Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show is straight up about Satanism

Yeah, so, the pentagram in the show logo is more than just a clever little drawing. Here’s the premise, folks: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows a 16-year-old regular girl life with her witchcraft life. And the struggle is real. Real satanic. You see, Sabrina’s witches coven The Church of Night, is pretty much a satan cult. YAAAAY. (I hope you’re picking up my sarcasm on the yay, folks.) Her coven’s members worship the “Dark Lord” and she is pressured to write her name is his book, which will give her more powers but take away her personal freedom. EEEK!

Like TV shows do, this new Sabrina show aims to make Satanism look glamorous, normal, and sexy. (A lot of sexiness in this show.) Romantic relationships among the witchy teens in this show are suuuper messed up because the Dark Lord demands that they love only him, so most liaisons in the show are just based on passion and lust. Oh, and mutual worship of Satan. WHAAAAT?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show parallels real life closer than you think

Moms and dads, our kids are engaged in spiritual warfare every. single. day. We do not need to let them watch television shows that make the dark side, serving evil, and indulgent sex look so glamorous. So do yourselves and your kids a favor and make sure they aren’t watching it. Check those Netflix watch histories, and specifically go in to your controls and block The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Please.

I mean, the teen orgy is bad. But don’t be fooled. The satan worship is deffffinitely the worst part.

Just say no to Sabrina, y’all. I’m pretty sure Melissa Joan Hart is totally appalled.


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