Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s Moms Totally Embarrassed Them On the Red Carpet

As a mom, I honestly TRY not to embarrass my kids (especially my oldest who is almost 13, and a boy, and thinks I am so embarrassing just because I exist.) But I know some mom embarrassment is only natural and inevitable. After all, I have a mom, too! And she did unintentionally cause me some humiliation a few times. I won’t go into details on THIS post, at least, because I could write a whole other one. I mean, one of them involves my future husband and quite frankly I am lucky he married me after that one. (LOL, sorry mom!)

In a “stars are just like us” moment, some Hollywood stars on the Graham Norton Show—Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling, to be exact—told some hilarious stories about bringing their moms to star-studded red carpet events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, and recounted some super-funny anecdotes about their parents TOTALLY making them blush in front of other Hollywood stars.

ryan gosling mom emma stone mom
Photos: YouTube

These endearing Hollywood mom stories totally cracked me up (especially Ryan Gosling’s!). Now I am just praying one of my kids gets super famous so I can embarrass them on a grander scale!

What’s YOUR most embarrassing mom story?

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