How to Make an Easter Resurrection Garden for Your Kids

resurrection garden

How to Make an Easter Resurrection Garden (A Special Surprise for Your Kids)

  1. Take a planter and fill it with dirt.
  2. Take rocks, sticks, plants, moss and leaves to cover the dirt.
  3. Take a giant potato. (Yup, like from Idaho.)
  4. Chop the bottom off and carve out a little hole in the middle.
  5. Place it cut-end down. This will be the tomb where Jesus was buried.

This garden is a great reminder of what Jesus did for us—it looks pretty drab, right?

resurrection garden

Just wait! By Good Friday evening, the leaves started to look a little dingy. By Saturday night? They were looking downright pitiful. That night before my child went to bed we looked at our garden again and talked about how Jesus’ friends must have been feeling. Thinking back to when we made our garden—it seemed like a long time ago! This whole time Jesus had been dead and his friends were so sad—and scared and confused.

After my child went to bed I did a little doctoring to our garden …

resurrection garden
And when my daughter woke up she was shocked to see our garden alive with beautiful flowers and growth and LIFE! I loved seeing her little face staring at the flowers in amazement (instead of greedily looking through her Easter basket). I loved the waiting we did from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday. I loved the gorgeous picture of LIFE and beauty the flowers gave us. I want my kids to know and understand what Jesus did for them on the cross. I want Easter to be as big and as exciting and (dare I say?) as magical as Christmas. This is just one way we’ve decided to help impress the greatest gift and miracle onto our children.

resurrection garden

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Amanda White
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