This Baby Singing a Gospel Song JUST Like the Singer Is JUST What We All Need Today

Baby Singing Gospel

If you haven’t noticed, your newsfeed is full of…BAD NEWS. And while I fully believe that we should be aware and active in current events happening around us, I also know that a non-stop slew of bad news can really affect my mood, my day, my…everything. We’ve got to have a bit of sunshine amidst the clouds to give us the determination to soldier on when things get rough, AM I RIGHT?

That’s why when I saw this yesterday (a friend shared it with me because that’s what friends do!), I knew I had to share it far and wide. This little guy is just a baby — blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems, but he KNOWS something good when he hears it. The spot on JOY in his dead-ringer imitation of this gospel singer praising the Lord, is AMAZING! It made me smile, laugh, and thank God for this little one who already has a heart full of praise!

This dude is not only adorable, sweet and precious, he’s also HILARIOUS! I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him, and I pray he never stops praising the Lord! Hope this brightens your day as much as it did mine, and that you will share it with you friends, too!

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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.