This Death in the Duck Dynasty Family Will Bring You to Bittersweet Tears

duck dynasty death

The Robertson family brought a whole lot of hilarity and family values the reality series Duck Dynasty, but like all non-TV families, they are subject to life’s ups and downs. Duck Dynasty mom Missy Robertson posted on her Instagram that she watched her daughter-in-law, Brighton, speak at her own father’s funeral. “No 21-year-old girl should lose her daddy. I am amazed by her strength. Her daddy loved her so.”

That’s not the only loss that the Robertsons have faced recently. A quick scroll through Missy’s blog reveals that just before Thanksgiving, she lost her grandfather, “Pops,” to lymphoma. His name Tom L. Spoonts, born June 7, 1926 and passed November 21, 2017.

Now, he was 91 years old, and though I myself was not ready to let go of my 95-year-old grandmother when she passed away three years ago, I will admit that the death of a 91-year-old isn’t necessarily tragic or unexpected.

But, oh reader, stick with me for a minute and you will see how the death of Duck Dynasty mom Missy Robertson’s grandfather was absolutely extraordinary.

Photo: Missy Robertson on Instagram

You see, there was a woman who loved him very much, his wife of 70-plus years, Missy’s grandma, whom she calls GG. Missy says on her blog that when Pops’ health was clearly failing, when he was in his last days, GG fell at their home and fractured her pelvis. The family came together to make sure both Pops’ and GG’s needs were covered as he was at home on hospice care and she was in the hospital and a rehab center. They also felt they needed a plan to get the couple in the same room one last time, but it was very complicated, as neither could really be moved. Missy says,

“Their separation was agonizing to witness.  So my aunt, uncles and mom went to work in trying to figure out how the two of them could share Thanksgiving together, just one last time.  It was like an act of congress, but the doctors approved a 4-hour leave on Thanksgiving via ambulance to get my GG to my Pops back at their ranch in Texas for them to say their goodbyes.”

duck dynasty death
Missy Robertson’s grandparents celebrating 70 years of marriage. Photo:

Missy then goes on to say, that once Pops got wind of the plans to bring GG home to say goodbye, her beloved Grandpa, who had been so READY to give up the pain of this life and go to heaven to meet Jesus, made it clear that he had plans of his own. She continues,

“He didn’t want his wife of 70 years, his sweetheart, the love of his life, to see him suffering.  He made that abundantly clear.  Each time he would wake up from a nap and in the morning over that last weekend, he would sigh in disappointment and say, “Oh, I thought…” or “Why is this taking so long?”  It wasn’t that he was in pain or that he didn’t know where he was.  His mind was as sharp as a tack!  He was ready to go home.  His real home.  He loved his Father and was completely sure of his future.  Yes, my 91-year-old grandpa has a future.”

The Monday night before Thanksgiving, Missy’s family was told that Pops had about a week left.  They told him to be strong so that he could see his wife on Thanksgiving, but, Missy says, he proved that “he was a stubborn man.” He would not wait for Thanksgiving, but what happened next is so beautiful, I simply have to let Missy tell it on her own words:

“The next morning, my mom and uncle had a difficult time getting him to wake up.  He didn’t seem conscious.  Bonny and Tori were with GG and FaceTimed my mom’s phone.  As soon as Pops heard GG’s voice, he opened his eyes—bright-eyed—but couldn’t speak.  GG, in her wisdom, selflessness and confidence in her Savior, told my Pops, ‘I love you so much, Tom.  It’s okay.  I’m going to be fine.  Go on.  I’ll see you there.’

When the call ended, Pops took his three last breaths.”

“I’ll see you there.”

Did big, fat, tears start rolling down anyone else’s cheeks when you read that? Because I could not stop my own.

I’ll see you there! My friends, Pops and GG knew what I hope that you know as well: when we have Jesus as our Savior, when we’ve given our earthly lives over to him, then this world is truly not our home, and not our END. We will see each other again. Missy Robertson will see her grandparents again, I will see my grandmother and grandfather who I loved on this earth, and the one grandfather I never had the privilege to meet.

Death cannot separate us, when we have Christ!!!

I am so thankful I read this story of Missy’s grandfather. Can you say “I’ll see you there” when you speak of heaven? I pray that you can. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, click here to read how you can. Or email me, I would love to talk to you about my Jesus.


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