“Show Yourself, Lord!”: Internet Rallies Behind Mom in Prayer After ‘Freak Accident’ Leaves 7-Yr-Old in Coma

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They call her Eva Love (pronounced Ava), a seven-year-old ray of sunshine who is drawing the internet closer to the Lord with every passing day. Friends, if you aren’t following this story, you’re MISSING out on the miracle God is doing right before our eyes.

“Wonders are still what you do.”

Eva Sherbondy Accident

On August 22nd, Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy’s world turned upside down when their daughter Eva suffered a traumatic brain injury following a freak accident.


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It’s so hard for me to write this, because somehow sharing this with you — my many friends that I both have and haven’t met — makes this even more real. Yesterday, our sweet sweet seven and a half year old baby girl Eva (pronounced Ava) Love suffered a traumatic brain injury from a weird, totally fluke, very short fall. She went into emergency brain surgery and she is, in the surgeon’s words, in critical condition. Her numbers are stable, but everyone keeps reminding us the next 72 hours are critical and are making no promises as to the outcome. ➕➕➕BUT GOD➕➕➕. I’m asking you to join us in trusting God for FULL and complete healing, in Jesus Holy and Healing Name. Eva’s name means “Life + Love” and we are boldly proclaiming that over the rest of her long, healthy life!!! 💪💕🙌🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥 Will you please lift up Eva and her care team in your prayers?! I am more scared than I have ever been, but I know I worship a God who is in the business of miracles, who hears us, who is the Ultimate Physician, and that is what we will cling to!!!! I am so grateful to have this community to entrust this huge and important prayer to. Thank you, friends. To God be the Glory!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 (p.s. @dugansherbondy will probably give more updates than I. If you see LL posts on my feed these next weeks, that’s @joymneal holding down the fort for me. Please know I am grateful for every single prayer and comment and person you can share this with!!!)

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Lindsay, a credited lettering wizard among the faith community and founder of Lindsay Letters Co., says her daughter was riding a golf cart with some trusted adult friends of theirs when the 7-year-old inexplicably leaned out and fell a very short distance to the ground.

It was a minor fall that has since resulted in major life-threatening injuries.

After being rushed into emergency brain surgery on that fateful afternoon, Eva has remained a beacon of hope in a world that desperately searches for such.

For two and a half weeks now, I’ve been following along with the likes of Lysa TerKeurst, Jen Hatmaker, Katelyn James, Shauna Niequist, and tens of thousands of others praying as ONE Church on behalf of this beautiful little girl. Eva Love continues to astound doctors with her healing path, and the only explanation is Jesus.


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Day three. “I am surrounded by the arms of the Father. I am surrounded with songs of deliverance.” I’ve said it every hour — every half hour — but when I feel weak and scared, this huge army of people around us, showering Eva Love with prayer, lifts us up. Gives words when we have none. Speaks fresh life. We read them over her when those number creep up, and we can feel Angels intervening through your prayers and scripture and hope!!!! WARRIORS, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE!!!!! My friend @sara.reese said she can visualize these waves of people all over the world praying for Eva, and that is a picture I cling to. Father, show us Your great miracles and your great love and Your great mercies and Your great healing through Eva. 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Here’s a quick update: She did better than expected all yesterday, and so we had some visitors in the afternoon which I think she liked the quiet chatter. (Ashley stayed the night so we could get some sleep). Then last night was scary from 2ish – 5ish. I was so scared. Her ICP numbers were consistently 24-26. They gave her some blood and made some adjustments and this morning she’s back to 22s. She’s coughing a bit which is a very good sign. Today is supposed to be peak so they said for 22s on her ICP is incredibly good that we’re not battling higher numbers. The plan today is to keep things quiet, and just really focus on brain rest for her. They have lowered some meds and said it looks like she might make a turn for healing herself so let’s see what she does in the next hour or two. Essentially, they need to get that number down more before they can do a CT scan, and so that will be priority today. I just sat through rounds to listen and they have multiple plans and ways they can do that, but for now, we wait to see what Eva does on her own before any more intervention. We have a dream team here today of our best doctor and nurse friends and the team here at AFCH. We feel hopeful and INCREDIBLY SURROUNDED AND LIFTED UP IN PRAYER. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for fighting for her!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. thank you for this shirt, @_girlwonderful_ & this memory @mbergh78. We champion the fighter in this photo!!!

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Following her brain surgery on the 22nd, Eva’s ICP (Intracranial Pressure) spiked well into the 30’s (normal ICP range is 7-15), and “devastating” CT scans showed more damage than doctors originally anticipated.

As a result, Eva was transferred from being sedated on August 27th, into a medically-induced coma.

But God.

You guys, Jesus is near.

The 19 days Eva has spent in the hospital have been an emotional rollercoaster for this family and the droves of prayer warriors across the internet and around the world who Dugan has affectionately named #EvasArmy.

Some days, Lindsay is posting a list of glass ceilings this girl is shattering. While others are filled with questions, impatient hearts, and more waiting.

“In my better moments, I find humor in the fact that Eva is baffling doctors at every turn,” Lindsay wrote on August 31. “No one can quite figure her out, and as her mom, I say to that AMEN. This is just so on-brand for Eva, it actually gives us peace when the doctors are confused by her! “

Each day that I read Lindsay and then Dugan’s updates, I can’t help but feel encouraged by their faith.

It’s not the Instagram-pretty faith that so many of us see in our feeds, but the raw, the nitty-gritty, the REAL faith they have in Jesus, coupled with the REAL frustrations they’re experiencing as they anxiously wait for their little girl to WAKE UP.

Their posts are refreshing. They’re informative, and they’re full of Truth.


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Update: please pray specifically at 10 am CST! // I don’t know what to say, other than I’m hungry for God to show Himself. It feels like the longer we are in the desert, the less mana we have. Show yourself, Lord. Be near. I’m so dependent on You, yet so frustrated. In typical Lindsay fashion, I am growing impatient. Show us Your miracle, Lord. Just a glimpse of Your plan. Of Your face. Of Your mercy. If You want us to quiet the medical voices and prognosis, make Your voice and Your peace Loud. Nothing is too hard for you. So please, please do this. It’s time for the rescue. // Friends please pray for E’s breathing test today. That she’d be able to swallow and not have too much swelling in her throat. Thank you, thank you for holding us up. 💛

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“Lord. Be near,” Lindsay wrote on September 6. “I’m so dependent on You, yet so frustrated. In typical Lindsay fashion, I am growing impatient. Show us Your miracle, Lord. Just a glimpse of Your plan. Of Your face. Of Your mercy. If You want us to quiet the medical voices and prognosis, make Your voice and Your peace Loud. Nothing is too hard for you. So please, please do this. It’s time for the rescue.”

Lindsay says, “Eva is not awake, but she’s also not asleep, not in a coma. She’s just kind of ‘powered down’ while her brain reboots itself. While God knits her back together, just as perfectly and wonderfully as He did when I was pregnant with her.”


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I’m typing these words while laying right beside Eva Love in her hospital bed — one of my most favorite things about her not having a breathing tube anymore is the fact that I can snuggle in next to her. And, I get to see her gorgeous face. And, just not having a breathing tube. On Saturday, E opened her eyes wide for the first (and only time since) and it was shocking and beautiful and tender and scary and wonderful and cute and wild. It was like “oh, THERE you are!” She opened them for about a minute, just totally wide-eyed. She’s also started making some adorable growling noises, and while it’s a far cry from her kind of cute/kind of obnoxious crazy laugh, it still feels like her voice and I just want more of it. More eyes open, more noises. More. JESUS, MORE. I want Eva to come back to us like waves breaking on the ocean shore, but for now, it’s little drips. But, they are there. She is there, and God is healing her. Thanks to all that are reminding us of her astounding progress. When you’re in the thick of it, and just want it to be over, it’s hard to remember that. For those of you asking, Eva isn’t awake, but she’s also not asleep, not in a coma. She’s just kind of “powered down” while her brain reboots itself. While God knits her back together, just as perfectly and wonderfully as He did when I was pregnant with her. The doctors don’t know what her life holds after this. But at this point, I’ve stopped petitioning the doctors for answers that know I only God knows. Keep praying, my friends. I covet your prayers for her. I read your words and prayers to her when we run out. Our days lately are consisting of lots of suctioning of Eva’s throat, respiratory therapy, and waiting for God to show us what we know only He can do. Thank you, so much, for holding @dugansherbondy and I along this journey. This display of community and partnership and love is the real Church, and it is beautiful.

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She’s making incredible strides, improving one day at a time, but still making us wait for God’s miracle.

But friends, as much as I have devoted time and prayer to Eva’s healing, the bigger story here is not Eva, who Lindsay describes as “Next Level.”

The bigger story I’m watching unfold is Jesus using a social platform to draw people near to Him. And you guys, it is breathtaking.

When Lindsay started sharing Eva’s updates, her posts were getting 15,000+ likes. With every passing day, and more prayer warriors learning about the miracle God is preparing in Eva, her posts are garnering tens of thousands of likes. Every day a new friend of mine is sharing about this wild little spitfire, Eva Love, and with every passing day she spends in that hospital bed, more and more people become a member of Eva’s Army.

The Lord is moving. He’s working in Eva and writing a story only he could write. We believe in the power of prayer. Join us in praying for Eva Love’s complete healing today. Lift up Lindsay, Dugan, and their son, Phoenix, and walk with the thousands of other believers who are holding them up during this unimaginable time.

“Eva continues to rest,” Dugan wrote. “Every neuro-storm I’m believing is Jesus healing her brain. Every posturing-movement I’m believing is Jesus strengthening her muscles. Every increased temperature or heart rate I’m believing is Jesus ramping her body up to wake up 100% and whole.”

Our God is still a God of wonders. He moves in mighty ways, and He HEARS OUR PRAYERS. Throughout this process of following along with Eva’s healing, I can’t help but be reminded of a song my friend Brandon Lake wrote called “This is a Move.”

Check out the song below, and join us today in lifting up the Sherbondy’s, #EvasArmy

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family as well as a Caring Bridge site. Follow along with Eva Sherbondy’s journey and God’s Miracle on Lindsay and Dugan’s Instagram accounts.

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