‘May Her Faith Always Stay Childlike’: Joanna Gaines Posts Touching Photo of Daughter’s Intimate Conversation with God

Joanna Gaines

Like so many American’s, I’ve long loved Joanna Gaines for her exceptional design aesthetic, her quiet, homebody demeanor, and her perfectly luscious locks. But more than the qualities of Jo that so many get to see on TV, something I’ve admired about her most over the years is her faith and pure humility amidst becoming one of the biggest names in the country.

Joanna Gaines

It’s a foundational principle she and husband, Chip Gaines, have instilled in their four oldest children, Drake, Duke, Emmie and Ella. And one they plan to continue with the newest member of the Gaines clan, baby Crew.

Joanna took to Instagram this week with a small piece of confirmation that her daughter’s faith is growing.

In fact, more than growing, little Emmie’s faith is inspiring.


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“Walked into Emmie’s bathroom this morning and my heart stopped for a second when I thought she had sharpied all over her vanity,” Gaines wrote in an Instagram post.

But before the famous designer could get angry at her 8-year-old, she looked a little closer.

“I took a moment and really read what she wrote and thought, ‘Well that isn’t the worst thing to be permanent’. Then I touched it and realized it was erasable. I stared at her question and loved the thought of it and that that’s how she talks to God. May her faith always stay childlike and may I remember what she seems to already know. That God is the most relational and the most kind, and always near.”

Joanna was touched by her daughter’s intimate conversation with the Lord. 

As parents, we can drill things into our kids’ heads, and lead the way in shaping their hearts to the best of our ability. But it can be difficult to know if planting the seeds will become something fruitful. Ultimately we trust God for that, and pray that He reveals what our kids need.

She was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of that in Emmie’s life this week. The 8-year-old’s simple question of “Hi God, what are you doing?” left millions of Joanna’s followers in awe of just how cool the Lord is.

Chip and Joanna have always been an open book when it comes to their faith. In 2015, Joanna shared her testimony with The Gathering at Baylor University about how God told her to walk away from Magnolia the first time.

She explains that after she and Chip got married, they made her dream of opening a retail business, a reality with the first Magnolia Market.

But as quickly as that dream came to fruition, God put Joanna’s faith to the test, and the Gaineses complied—closing the market, despite their desire and ability to keep it open.

“I remember the last day,” Joanna recalls. “We’re closing the shop down, and I’m crying because again I feel like it’s the end of a dream, and I hear God say very clearly, he said, ‘Joanna, if you trust me with your dreams, I’m gonna take Magnolia further than you could’ve ever dreamed. So just trust me.’ And I remember hearing that and feeling completely peaceful about it, and I walked away.”

Her testimony, almost a foreshadowing of how God would continue to work in their lives as they felt called to step back from their hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper, earlier in 2018.

Their obedience has led to a new blessing of potentially having their own lifestyle network, which Chip excitedly spilled the beans on while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Their faith and commitment to family are the principles that led us to love Chip and Joanna in the first place. (Though their undying love for demo and shiplap didn’t hurt the relationship either).

As we read in James 2:14-26, faith without works is dead. It’s beautiful to see Chip and Joanna Gaineses faith at work in everything they do, like opening up the Magnolia Silos for a Church of homeless people to meet on Sunday Mornings.

Emmie’s doodle leaves no doubt that their faith is paving the way for future generations of shiplappers.

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