They Knew They Were Adopting a ‘Sick’ Baby—They Had No Idea She Would Make Them Whole

True HopeToday we have something to share that is different than most of the stories we highlight. It is a story of great pain and loss, but also one of deep love and enduring hope. We are honored that this family has chosen to share their story with us, and have entrusted us to share it with you.

Their experience, like that of so many others, is one of darkness and light, of sorrow and joy. True hope, we know, believes in that which it cannot yet see. It believes that in enduring the night, the shining star will be found and guide us to life eternal resting in the manger. In the midst of darkness, there is still true hope. This family wants us to see that hope.

Posted by Show Hope on Saturday, December 17, 2016

The White Family was in China to adopt a little boy (their second adoption) when they met a tiny, sick baby girl named Amalie. Their 7-year-old was taken with the sweet baby and asked “Can we adopt Amalie?” Her parents said “no” because it was clear to them that Amalie was “very sick,” although they had no idea what her diagnosis actually was.

“How do you tell a 7-year-old ‘no’?” Her dad asked. Amalie stayed in their hearts and on their minds even as they traveled back to the U.S. Eventually, they inquired about Amalie and even after telling themselves “no” over and over again because her diagnosis was so scary, the Whites eventually felt God calling them to adopt Amalie.

As you’ll see in the video, the White family’s love for Amalie brought them great joy but also great grief. Their story of love and their faith in God—their HOPE in the eternal life we have through Christ an in God’s good plan—is beyond beautiful and inspiring.

Their love for this little one has undoubtedly changed their lives, but after seeing their story, it has changed mine as well. I pray you will give them your time and your heart today.

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