5 Hilarious Times Kristen Bell Instagrammed REAL LIFE Motherhood

real life motherhood

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE it when my friends (or moms I follow online) share their REAL LIFE motherhood moments. My life (not to mention my home, yikes) rarely looks like anything on a Pinterest board, so the #keepingitreal hashtag is indeed one of my favorites. I mean, we all like to know we’re not alone in our real life motherhood messes, right? (Hmm. Writing this just reminded me of the horrific overflowing laundry hampers in our bathroom I need to get to AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS ARTICLE! Exhibit A:)

real life motherhood

Anyway! Speaking of real life motherhood, I’ve been a rabid fan of Kristen Bell’s ever since her Veronica Mars days (yep, I’m a Marshmallow. Google it!), but I love her even SO MUCH MORE now that she’s a mom to her daughters Lincoln and Delta (dad is her husband, the equally hilarious Dax Shepard.) This girl knows how to KEEP IT REAL and she is not afraid to show the world what real life motherhood looks like, even on someone who is famous and wealthy. That’s why I enjoy following her on Instagram – her Insta is FULL of motherhood gems! Just a quick scroll through cheered me up this morning so I thought I’d share my fave five recent ones with you. Here goes!

1. Kristen vs. toddler with stickers at the grocery

We ALL know how fun it is to hit the grocery store with our favorite toddler or two in tow, right? Bell proved that her celebrity status does NOT exempt her from the joys of such a trip with this Instagram story:

real life motherhood
Photo: @Kristenanniebell on Instagram

LOL! No one came to her rescue, proving that a determined toddler can truly abuse a busy parent all they want!

2. Kristen’s homage to mesh panties and childbirth on Delta’s birthday

Just a couple weeks ago, Bell and Shepard’s daughter Delta turned 3. Kristen celebrated with a FANTASTIC set of photos on Instagram. This HOLLA to MESH PANTIES is my FAVE FAVE:

real life motherhood

I mean seriously, what mom can’t relate to THAT? Childbirth is SOOO glamorous! The rest of the sweet pics are here (you will need to swipe to see them all):

3. When you’re a major character in a movie, but your daughters prefer the OTHER character…

This one had me DYING laughing…that CAPTION though! It seems Kristen’s daughters prefer Idina Menzel’s character of Queen Elsa over Bell’s Princess Anna… “This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled ‘My children keep me grounded”. SO GOOD!

4. Oh wait, I mean they REALLY prefer the other character…

Apparently one of her daughters loves Elsa so much that she insisted she and her mom BOTH dress as her for Halloween. LOL! #humblepie much??

And finally, this isn’t as HILARIOUS as it is BRILLIANT, but I had to include it because I thought it was such a real life motherhood PRACTICAL tip:

5. Kristen keeps her kids from running into traffic with this brilliant hack

Bell uses this “Hands on the circle” hack to keep her kids in place while she’s unloading the car and not yet ready to take the girls’ hands and negotiate a parking lot or street. The circle is the gas tank cover. This is one mom hack I SURE wish I had known about a few years ago. She gives credit to her “brilliant sister in law.” I love it!

Well, those are some of my fave KB real life motherhood moments…I sure am glad she keeps it real. And now, I’m off to start that laundry before I get back to writing!

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