Adorable Boy Rejected at Casting Call Because It Wasn’t For “A Special Needs Baby”



October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I LOVE that we’ve seen some amazing kids with Down syndrome go viral this month, spreading awareness about the beauty that is a life lived with Down Syndrome. So far we’ve seen 7-year-old Sofia Sanchez and 3-year-old Welles Peterson go viral on Facebook through videos showcasing their adorable personalities and zest for life. I have a very special little girl in my life with Down syndrome, so I am LOVING all the attention these amazing people are getting this month!

Yesterday another adorable kiddo rockin’ his extra chromosome started to go viral as well, thanks to a post on the Facebook page Kids With Down Syndrome. He’s 16-month-old Asher Nash, and his amazing expressions and killer bow tie are taking Facebook by storm—as they should. But the reason Asher is going viral isn’t so adorable, and definitely needs to change! His mom, Meagan, sent her story to the Kids With Down Syndrome FB page after she sent Asher’s photos out for a casting call for the kids’ clothing company Osh Kosh B’gosh and he was turned down because “the company hadn’t ‘requested a special needs baby.”

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This handsome boy is ready to show the world what Changing the Face of…

Posted by Kids with Down Syndrome. on Monday, October 10, 2016

(I just rolled my eyes SO HARD. Very professional, I know.)

Here’s the thing, Osh Kosh! You are SO missing out, because Asher is ADORABLE! And he’s not adorable BECAUSE he has Down syndrome, just like the model you probably chose for your casting call wasn’t adorable because he DIDN’T have Down syndrome. He’s just ADORABLE, because he IS. That’s how he looks. He’s a cute, handsome, good-lookin’ baby boy—aren’t those generally the qualities you look for in a toddler model??

Asher’s mom Meagan doesn’t want her son to be used in a photo shoot just BECAUSE he had Down syndrome, but she doesn’t want that to be the reason he’s turned down, either. He should be used because he’s FLIPPING ADORBS or not used because someone else beat him out fair and square! She told The Mighty, “I would love for OshKosh to meet my son and see what we see in him. I don’t want them to use him because of this fuss we are making on the internet. I want them to use him because they value him and see how much he could contribute to their advertisement.”

Personally, I have LOVED seeing kids with special needs AND model goodlooks in Target and KMart ads this year, and that makes me MUCH more likely to shop those stores. So, Osh Kosh! Gymboree! Carter’s! Old Navy! Start opening your casting calls to beautiful kids of ALL ability levels, and let’s change the face of beauty, ok??

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