Baby Girl and Mom Are #Twinning With Striking Birthmark That Spans Four Generations

I often call my daughter my “mini-me,” but I’d say South Carolina mom Brianna Worthy has me beat in the “mini me” department with her infant daughter, MilliAnna,now 18 months old. You see, when they’re out and about, there’s no doubt they belong together: they both share a stunning birthmark—a large section of hair at the front of their heads without pigmentation. This lack of pigmentation causes the hair to be completely white, and wow, is it STRIKING!


There’s more to the story, however. Little MilliAnna doesn’t just share this unusual trait with her mama, but with her grandmother and great-grandmother as well. That’s right, FOUR generations of women share this beautiful birthmark! Worthy says she doesn’t actually know if the birthmark goes back any further than that, because her grandmother was adopted at birth, but it very well could.

Posted by Brianna Worthy on Friday, August 28, 2015

Worthy told the Daily Mail that she was really hoping her daughter would share the white streak. “I was hoping she did have it. My younger sister that my mother had a few years after me didn’t get it, so I didn’t know if MilliAnna was going to, but once I had her and they laid her on my chest and I saw she had it I was so happy,” she said.

She also says she got teased and called “skunk” when she was younger, but grew up loving her unique hair.

“Sometimes it would bother me when I was younger, but I grew to end up really loving it in my hair and was confident that it was my own unique signature look. I plan to raise my daughter knowing she is beautiful and special and to not listen to people mean comments at times.”

I LOVE that the women in this family share this unique look and I hope baby MilliAnna grows up to rock it just like her mama has. Sounds like her mother has her on the path to self-confidence and being secure in how she has been fearfully and wonderfully made.

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