Baby Girl’s Magical Harry Potter Photoshoot Kills It With Cute

Kayla Glover is an Illinois mom and professional photographer with a lifelong love of all things Harry Potter. And now, she’s getting her 5-month-old daughter, Lorelai Grace, in on the action—literally! No, Baby Lorelai isn’t an infant genius who can already read the Harry Potter books, but thanks to her darling head of hair, a few props, and her mama’s photog skills, this little love is going viral for BEING Harry Potter—a baby one, anyway! Glover had the amazing idea to combine her love of her baby girl and her love of Hogwarts’ finest, and the results are going mega-viral.

Of course, it’s easy to see why! Check it out!

Photo: KaylaLayla Photography

Glover combined an old cauldron from her mom’s Halloween decorations, those fab glasses and wand, and a scarf borrowed from her niece, plus her own adorable baby to create a Potter Masterpiece!

Photo: KaylaLayla Photography

She did the photoshoot in  her own home studio, and though she was beyond pleased with the results, Glover had no idea how crazy viral these images would go. “It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but I feel so blessed and am so amazed at the positive reaction to my photos. My kid is adorable and I’m not the only one who thinks so! Yay!!” she wrote on her photography Facebook page.


Glover used her own Harry Potter book collection to surround Lorelai in this precious shot. KaylaLayla Photography

She told BuzzFeed News she hopes that the photoshoot gave people something light-hearted to smile about in these heavy times. “I think a lot of times our vision gets so clouded by the negativity floating around the news and social media. It’s nice to stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty and innocence of a child dressed as a character that represents strength, integrity, determination, and a level of humility that is often times lost in this day and age,” she said.

Kayla and Lorelai, you definitely made my day a little brighter! Although, to be honest, my 12-year-old is kinda bummed that his Harry Potter costume  he’s wearing for trick-or-treat PALES in comparison to Lorelai’s. LOL! Thanks for sharing your whimsical inspiration with us!

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