Why It Sucks to be Blake Lively

blake lively

She’s famous and rich. She’s married to Ryan Reynolds. She has an adorable daughter named James which – I hate to say – is quite cool. She’s so absurdly beautiful it’s stupid. Yawn, Blake Lively. Get a life that’s interesting.

(My tongue is very much in my cheek.)

blake lively

Blake Lively is pregnant again which, if I’m being totally honest, initially elicited this response:

blake lively

The more babies she has, the more her perfect Hollywood body will deteriorate and maybe look like mine, i.e. lumpy and weird. I said I was being honest; I didn’t say I was proud of it.

How does my reality stack up next to Blake’s? For example, yesterday as I was nursing Annie, my six year-old pointed at my exposed stomach and said, “What’s that?”
“That’s my belly button.”
“No, THAT. That brown thing.”
“No, Mom, THAT…” I didn’t hear anything else because I set myself on fire.

Can Blake Lively pull the skin on her stomach a solid three inches into the air? Does Blake Lively wear maternity pants at her kid’s first birthday party? Can Blake Lively actually find her belly button? I want so much for her to be lumpy and weird with a brown excuse of a navel like me.

But then I realized something as I saw one of her pregnancy photos from her last pregnancy on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival.
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Blake doesn’t have the luxury to be like me. She lives in a town and works in an industry where she can’t be lumpy. I mean, she could, but then she’d essentially lose her job. The way she looks now in this photo? If I look like that as my end game, I’m rejoicing. But Blake can’t stop at three-months-pregnant Blake. She has to be bikini-wearing-with-no-visible-signs-of-motherhood Blake.

I used to say things like, “Well, she’s got the advantage because she can afford a chef and a trainer and a nanny and look like a million bucks five minutes after giving birth!” And that’s true. But oh my gosh, y’all, what a bummer.

Can you imagine having your job depend on the way you look to such a degree that you have to hire professionals to help you decide what to eat for lunch? I barely listen to my alarm in the morning; I don’t know why I want some trainer hyped up on Red Bull and expectations yelling at me before the sun comes up. And all of this so I can have my flat stomach on a magazine.

I used to think the celebrity life was ideal because of all the help you can hire to look great. Now I see that it’s a tough price to pay that you have to hire the help in the first place.

It’s not Blake’s fault that her beauty is Hollywood currency, and when I change my perspective a little, I’m glad for her that she has the support and resources to not go crazy under expectations she can’t possibly meet on her own. But that’s not a glamorous life.

So a word to you regular people and you regular moms with belly buttons you haven’t seen in years: maybe it’s time we stop lamenting our lack of a Get Your Body Back Squad and rejoice in the fact that we don’t have to.


This article originally appeared at The Lazy Genius Collective.

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