This Viral Photo Has People Across the Internet Discovering What Milk Ducts Actually Look Like

milk ducts

We’ve always known that moms are superhuman, but a new photo making its rounds on Twitter this week is proving just how true that really is.

The picture, first shared on Twitter shows the muscular anatomy of the female chest, and it’s hard not to see the flower-like shapes that “cover up” the breasts.

Those clusters happen to be milk ducts, and the internet CANNOT handle it! 

“At first I thought someone put flowers over boobs because art. Now, it looks like a weird alien creature lives inside my body and I’m terrified,” wrote one woman whose tweet has been liked more than 23,000 times.

But have no fear mamas, that’s no alien creature. In fact, terrifying it is not, but rather absolutely STUNNING.

The Lord perfectly mastered our bodies this way — and THAT is truly magnificent.

Those petal-like structures aren’t actually the ducts, but the lobes, which contain the alveoli. That’s where our bodies make the milk, which then travels down those little tubes (which are actually the ducts) to the nipple.

And voila, Twitter has successfully taught us more with one viral image than everything we learned in [eighth]-grade health class.

And since we’re talking about art here, can we just talk about the art that IS the female body? We conceive, grow, nurture, birth and sustain HUMAN LIFE from within this beautiful frame. Our bodies are God’s masterpiece, and boy do they amaze us!

As it would turn out, most people across the internet — including many mothers — had no idea what was on the other side of the skin we see. But as many doctors have since pointed out, it couldn’t hurt to educate ourselves about how we produce and provide milk.

Especially as moms, there are so many common issues with breastfeeding that stem from our milk ducts — pun intended. Images like this one shed some fresh perspective on what’s happening inside of our bodies and can help us to better understand things like mastitis, clogged ducts or painful side effects that often come with breastfeeding.

When it’s all said and done, I like to believe God designed it this way on purpose. Both functionally, and beautifully, just like he created all of his daughters in his image.

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