My Response to the Woman Who Told Me “Children Completely Suck You Dry”


“I knew from the time I was 11 years old that I never wanted children,” said the woman working her shift in the airport shop I was perusing, “they completely suck you dry.”

Shocked by her blatant proclamation, I grasped for words. How would I encapsulate how important children are in a casual conversation while majorly jet-lagged?

“My children don’t suck me dry, but they are a lot of work. The hardest work. The best kind of work,” I quipped.

After mulling over her words, I realized she was right. Children do suck you dry. But not in the way she meant.

Having the ever-humbling gift of being a mom is continually sucking me dry. But only the least desirable parts are being sucked out for my good, and God’s glory.

The pools of pride are sucked dry when I choose to laugh at myself and my mama failings, rather than shame myself or snap at my kids for noticing my faults.

The riverbeds of fear are sucked dry as a bone when I release my grip on my kids — loving them with open hands rather than holding onto them with white knuckles.

Impatience swirls down the drain when I allow God’s peace to suck my impatient tendencies dry.

So, God?

Suck me dry.

Yes, please suck me dry.

And, airport lady? I hope you get the privilege of being sucked dry too.

This article originally appeared The Masterpiece Mom.

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Amanda Bacon
Amanda is the mother of eight kids through birth and adoption and has been married for seventeen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an encouraging voice for moms everywhere through the written and spoken word. Amanda is co-creator of The Masterpiece Mom blog and podcast available on iTunes.