How to Point Your Kids to God Moments in the Middle of Hard Things

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Pointing Your Kids to God Moments in the Middle of Hard Times

“Hurry up mom! We have to do the hard to get to the easy.”

Yeah, she is pretty much right. Doesn’t make it any easier in the middle of a mountain climb (not really a mountain, more like a hill that feels like a mountain).

Not the words I want to hear as I hardly catch my breath. A two hour bike ride had done me in.

She stayed about 20 feet ahead telling me to hurry up. “Mom, just over the hill and then it’s downhill, and that is the best part!”

She said it again, “You have to do the hard to get to the fun easy part.”

I just know she is right, except all I could think about was how my legs were on fire and how hot and thirsty I was. I really didn’t want to do the hard anymore. Couldn’t I just miraculously get to the easy without the hard?


Don’t we all want the easy without the hard?

We want the miracle without the effort. We simply want our situation gone— when God simply wants our hearts.

I heard the Lord say, “Lift your head up or you’re going to miss me.”

Let’s not miss our God moments because we are focused on the “hard.”

God moments seem impossible when we downsize our God and focus on our own strength. We often times stiff arm God–keeping Him at a distance keeps us in control.

Maybe if we stopped saying how hard it was and just gave him our best in the middle of the hard…just maybe we would see a miracle.

So you’re in the middle of a difficult transition. New schools. New church. New town. Everything you once knew as normal is gone and you’re left trying to figure it all out.

Or, you’ve been battling this illness far too long and your tired and worn out.

Or, the marriage you thought was perfect is not so perfect and you’re tired of the fighting.

Maybe it’s your finances. There never seems to be enough.

Or it’s that child who always has something to say.

What do we do in the middle of all the hard? How do we have those God moments?

What do we do when our mind and body are worn out from the fight and we want to give up? What do we do when it all looks impossible?

And what do we do when the enemy is screaming, “JUST GIVE UP”, in the middle of it all?

When you’re making progress, the enemy resists it, mocking the very act of obedience you’re trying to accomplish.

Nehemiah knew in the middle of building Jerusalem’s walls when the persecutor spat, “Kill them and stop their work” (Neh 4:11), he had to refuse to take his eyes off of God.

We have to be careful not to look at our difficult situation and depend on our own knowledge, because we will downsize God and believe for less.

God’s got it. He’s got a plan! Trust all things are possible with God.

Let’s begin to celebrate that God has a plan even before we see it.

Our hope must weigh more than our questions. Through this, your God moments will open the door for God’s best in your life.

How to cultivate God moments in the middle of the hard…

Nehemiah, in the middle of his hard, was challenged. Yet, he cultivated God moments and experienced God’s best.

  1. Stay connected to God through prayer and worship.

Nehemiah prayed (Neh 4:9). Even when words won’t come or they seem harsh…pray. God can handle it. Recite scripture if the pain goes so deep and you can’t find words.

  1. Stay connected to the people who will encourage you.

Don’t listen to the lies and stay isolated, be proactive about inviting others in to pray and encourage.

...”fight for your countrymen, your sons and daughters, your wives and homes” Neh 4:14.

  1. Stay connected to the bigger picture.

  “…don’t be afraid…Remember the great and awe-inspiring Lord.” Neh. 4:14

God has greatness for us! God has greatness for you! Give your best were ever you are!

God is watching!

Give your best in the natural, and God will do the supernatural!

Just because you don’t see change, doesn’t mean God isn’t working.

He wants to meet you in this very moment, in the middle of the hard and seemingly impossible.

In the middle of the hard – God is working out something in us.

Keep on hoping…

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