When This Dad With Cancer Hears His Baby’s First Cry, I Couldn’t Hold Back the Tears

Pregnancy is always full of ups and downs, but after nearly reaching the end of the 9-month roller coaster, Jessica Li and her partner Cagney Wenk got devastating news. The Huffington Post reports that after going to the doctor for severe headaches, Cagney was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer just 3 weeks before Jessica’s due date.

Within the next couple of weeks, he would undergo THREE brain surgeries in the same hospital where his son was scheduled to be born. When the time came for Jessica to give birth, Cagney was still in the ICU, so the hospital decided to do something AMAZING for this family. They contacted Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a non-profit which traditionally works with families who are expecting a still birth or an infant that will not live long to provide birth photography, and photographer Sarah Boccolucci volunteered to document their baby’s birth for Jessica and Cagney.

Sarah Boccolucci Photography

When Jessica began active labor, nurses brought Cagney and all his necessary health-monitoring equipment from ICU to labor and delivery, and Boccolucci met them there. As you can see from the video and birth photos, little Levon Robbie Wenk’s birth was beyond beautiful and powerful! Hearing and seeing his dad’s tears and he entered the world just undid me. So, so, touching! I almost don’t have words.

After the birth, Boccolucci posted the video on her Facebook page to share the little family’s story in hopes that  viewers will donate to their GiveForward fundraising campaign. She says she also wants everyone who sees and hears the story to understand how far above and beyond Boulder Community Hospital went to make this happen for Jessica, Cagney, and little Levon.

Sarah Boccolucci Photography

I have to tell you, friends, Cagney, Jessica and little Levon touched my heart like nothing has for awhile. I couldn’t stop crying watching Cagney’s reaction to his little boy’s first cries. I am praying so hard that he will beat this cancer and be able to raise this beautiful boy! Please join me in praying for his restored health.

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