Dax Shepard’s Parenting “Oops” Will Crack You Up ALL DAY LONG

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE it when my favorite celebrity spills one of their “keeping it real” parenting stories. Whether their kid is putting them through the wringer or whether they’ve made a hilarious parenting mistake, it does my mom heart good to know that when it comes to mommin’ and daddin’, stars are JUST like us! Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are my favorite celebrity parents because they share the most HILARIOUS anecdotes about their daughters, Lincoln and Delta. (And by the by, who can forget Dax’s HYSTERICAL reaction to seeing TOO MUCH at Kristen’s C-section!??!)

Dax Shepard recently appeared on Ellen to promote his new movie CHIPS (starring Kristen Bell as his wife, naturally), and while he was there, he also gave the backstory to an Instagram photo he posted of a parenting-related injury to his nose. I don’t want to give it all away, you HAVE to watch the 2-minute story above, but let’s just say his daughters’ bedtime routine took a serious turn for the worse after Dax got done singing “Wheels on the Bus”—and reaction to his injury had some unexpected consequences in his oldest daughter’s behavior a few days later. OOPSIE.

As a side-note to Dax’s slip-up, though, I could not agree more with what he says about kids getting up SO VERY EARLY! See? (Stars ARE just like us when it comes to parenting!) And what he does to his daughters’ bedroom windows? So smart, I wish I would have thought of it myself — YEARS ago!

I would love to hear Kristen Bell’s side of this story, I am sure it’s hilarious as well. I know Lincoln and Delta are going to grow up with incredible senses of humor with all this FUNNY in their genes—and we can only hope they go on talk shows one day to give us the dirt on all the other hilarious stuff their parents did.

What did you think of Dax’s slip-up? I may never have done exactly what he did, but I SURE have gotten my fair share of parenting-related injuries! Have you?

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Jenny Rapson
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