This Deli Pegs Picky Eaters With the Most Hilarious Kids’ Menu EVER (The Truth Hurts, Kids!)

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting for me has been dealing with “picky eaters.” Sadly, this is the case of the sins of the mother being revisited on her—I was picky, too! But NOT as picky as my 5 and 9-year-olds. I didn’t like a lot of restaurant food, but I’d eat whatever my parents served at home. My younger two kids regular turn dinner into a twice-as-long-as-it-needs-to-be struggle. My husband and I often turn to each other and say with fake smiles through gritted teeth: “I love family dinner time. It is such a joy to spend this time with my family. No, I am not surpressing the urge to flip the dining room table in a blind rage. Why do you ask?”


Apparently, no one knows that better than the owners of the Front Street Deli in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Their brutally honest kids menu is TOTALLY going viral after a user uploaded it to reddit yesterday—and it’s easy to see WHY! This is straight-up HILARIOUS TRUTH when it comes to picky kids making a food choice!

Photo: reddit user nabced

The deli’s genius choices for our picky little Snowflakes include:

“I Don’t Know:” Hot dog with French fries

“I Don’t Care:” Chicken tenders with French fries

“I’m Not Hungry:” Grilled cheese with French fries

“I Don’t Want That:” Fish sticks with French fries


Hilarious, RIGHT?? These deli owners are CLEARLY parents!!

I don’t know about you, but 6-year-old me would TOTALLY be macking on “I’m Not Hungry,” while the “I Don’t Want That” would have made me run screaming from the restaurant! (Super-accurate, that one!)

This is so funny and refreshing, it really has me wishing Altoona, PA wasn’t so darn far away from my home here in Ohio. Any eatery with this kind of a sense of humor really deserves the patronage of all parents!

Do YOU have picky eaters at home? Which of these deli delights would your child choose…or lose their minds over?

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