I Don’t Get The Outrage Following Trump’s Lewd Comments and Here’s Why

I’m sort of perplexed why America is freaking out, actually.

How could he say that? How dare he? Where did this come from? We are just so confused, and hurting right now. Someone comfort us.


Ummm, guys? I have some ideas where this may have come from. 🙋🏼I helpfully made up a word and definition to fit my theory.

AMSOC: American Media & Sex Obsessed Culture; usually but not always, directly and indirectly overseen by Hollywood, an industry that is blatantly over-saturating the market with sex.

Now, to be fair. I probably notice it more than you. See, I have three young boys I am trying to raise as proper gentlemen. Boys with integrity, and who will act with dignity, not only out of honor for women, but out of self-respect. Boys who will grow to maintain core values and keep a moral compass, who have the where-with-all to abstain from every whim that occurs to them.

But our culture does not promote abstaining from every whim that occurs to it. In fact, we have whole industries that spend billions of dollars banking on the fact that you won’t.

I honestly don’t know where to start. See, many times a day when I am in the presence of one of my sweet boys, I cringe. I cringe because of you, AMSOC.

The public media is outraged right now. I’ve been outraged for a while. I’ve kinda had to dig my family in a little hole just to avoid you. But now, see, the whole world is laughing at us because it is election season and you are embarrassed now. You denounce those terrible words, and we’re all offended.

But Trump is not the problem. He’s a symptom.

Everywhere I turn is a magazine cover, a billboard, a commercial, a tv show, trying to sell my sons what this culture is so obsessed with. You know when something becomes familiar? When it’s everywhere. When you are used to it. It’s common. It’s blasted before your eyes constantly.

I hear you. You say, “You are responsible for what your kids view.” Yes, let’s address that. And let’s talk about Super Bowl. It’s football season again. This “family viewing” has me again cringing with the pelvic thrusting, grinding and sex-dancing lingerie-clad performers “entertain” your families, curtesy of AMSOC. I’d hate for you to cramp your style just because my small children, might actually want to you know, watch football.

I’m not just picking on the Superbowl. Watch award shows. Watch kids award shows.Watch any red carpet. Look at the books you’re selling, the novels we’re reading, the movies playing.

I know I sound like a boring prude. But I am a mom and I take raising responsible, contributing citizens seriously. AMSOC, I’ve had to ban you from my home. As much as it depends on me, I try to keep your perverted grip off my kids. You know how hard it is to shield impressionable eyes from you? It’s quite the challenge.

Even when I turn off the tv, the radio, set the passwords on the computers, its not enough. You know why?

Because you have already had influence on every single person my kids will interact with.

My sons classmates have been exposed to egregious behaviors because of you. And I do not forgive you for that. For destroying innocence and instilling illicit desires in youngins who do not and should have to have the capacity to deal with that yet.

Beautiful young girls think to be accepted and loved they should dress to sexually allure. And that’s just what’s happening locally. Meanwhile in Holllywood, sweet little girls who’s lives have been front and center stage of your madness, have undergone cosmetic surgeries to alter their physical appearances and instead of encouraging real feminism, we reward them with lucrative endorsement deals, modeling contracts, air time, and magazine spreads.

Dresses with slits up to their bellybuttons and v-necks cut to the same. I wonder where they get this idea? Now don’t blame the parents, please. This is your lecture, AMSOC. It’s not that our kids are sneaking around to find this stuff. It’s being paraded before their view in disproportionate quantities.

By the way, the Super Bowl was not exactly where I would expect my kids to get their first dose of stripper-dancing, explicit lyrics, and their first view of lingerie. But yet it was.

Yes, yes, it’s all in good fun, I know. I’m probably just over-reacting.

We are outraged today because we are talking about an American election. An election for grown-ups. We should have higher standards, sturdier ethics, more class.

Let me ask you this; Where are our nations leaders raised anyway? Where can we hide away these leaders so they will not be infiltrated by your enticing, AMSOC? It’s like your theory is, “Lets expose them all, and hope we have a few that remain classy enough to run our campaigns without humiliating us.”

You want to tell us, “This is ok, here, here, here, here, and here, but not here.”

You can see how this is especially confusing for children, who do grow up, in fact, to be our next generation of leaders. It’s confusing because it’s totally cool and in good fun to sing along to explicitly disturbing song lyrics at the party or in your bedroom, but if you repeat them out loud in any other setting, it’s offensive, lewd and immoral?

How about we just tell them it’s always offensive, lewd and immoral so let’s just stop bombarding our kids with it then, mmk?

We are acting like a nation of hypocrites.

I remember a few years ago the most searched/viewed/clcked on story was a buck naked reality tv starlet with her giant….um, wine glass “breaking the internet.” Apparently thisis completely acceptable. And hey, don’t bother hiding that either, AMSOC, go ahead and place that spread on the covers and station those mags right at eye-level for my kids. It’s cool. I’d hate to step on your toes by my mission to buy bread and milk for my children.

I dropped my FIFTH grader off at his school dance last year. What songs do you think they play? Well, they don’t play Kidz Bop. Kids absorb the latest pop music including positive “role models” and “inspiration” musicians who are invited to statehouse dinners and white house fundraisers. These sweet children sing along to explicit lyrics they have no idea, God I hope, how perverted they are and adult in content. We are hitting these kids from every. single. angle.

So you’ve put me in a position, AMSOC, to expose my kids to lewd, sexually explicit in nature, soft-porn lyrics and images they see all around them, or send them to school as the “weirdos who have never heard any of these songs before or seen any of these shows” mom. Thanks for that AMOC. Now we gotta be the weirdos.

I have a sincere question. Why is this one recorded audio so deplorable now, when you’ve been promoting this ideology all along? Women are sex machines in your music videos, pop, rap and country songs that so influence a generation. Soft porn is proudly displayed in public, in print, in motion.

I sincerely wish you would have been so concerned when our children were watching rather than waiting to be outraged when it disrupted your important presidential election. Yes, the POTUS is important (obvs) but so are our children. They are, quite literally, our future. And you’ve been exposing and teaching them far worse for decades.

You target them, you market them. You feed into this insatiable need to be constantly sexually aroused.

Now everyone is pretending it’s not there. No one has any clue where Trump could have gotten these notions. How could we have gotten here as a nation? If I could let you borrow my maternal instincts for a minute, you’d start to notice it. It’s everywhere. It’s every. freaking. where.

Trump’s attitude is rewarded in our culture, not punished.

I choose to shield my kids, AMSOC because quite honestly, I don’t know what the effects are yet, of exposing my children to you. The studies have not been completed. We have no way of knowing.

But I think we have exhibit A in the audio that was released.

It’s foolish to assume you could force-feed a nation such lewdness and then think it wouldn’t bleed over into our politics.

If I stuff my face with pizza and milkshakes for decades then I best not be sitting around crying because I am so fat. I don’t feel sorry for you, culture. In fact, your whining about it is making me weary. All the sudden we have a country full of saints who are disgusted by this pervasive talk, when you’ve been feeding this monster for decades now.

I don’t like what I heard in that audio. But it’s exactly what I expected. Please stop acting like you are shocked. What we are seeing in our culture right now is only a natural progression of events based on our salacious steady un-healthy diet.

I hope we really want to change. My fear is that we don’t. I think culture really wants to stay exactly the same. Because what you are feeding them is addicting, stimulating and it’s hard to severe ties with a culture that is so self-gratifying. It’s easier to pick out one or two people and blame them. Yes, they are the problem. 

I always tell my kids, “you can’t fix a problem if you don’t admit there is a problem.” We have to be honest here. Blaming a few members of our society is a scapegoat. The problem is society. How do you change a whole culture?

It starts with each of us.

This post is not supporting or condoning any presidential candidate. To be clear, Donald Trump’s comments were not only lewd, but what he describes is sexual assault, which is NOT what I am talking about in this post. I do not address that here because this was not an article about Donald Trump, but rather culture in general. Just because I do not address sexual assault in this piece does not mean I am condoning it. Also, just because I address issues about culture does not mean that excuses us from responsibility from our actions. I will not tolerate hateful comments. I do not want people to feel attacked on the thread. Please comment considerately or your comment will be removed. Thank you.

This article originally appeared ShaunaShanks.com.

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